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    Here Are The Some Hand Bag Trends To Try This Season

    Check out the most amazing handbag trends of the year 2021 and raise your style quotient with them.
    Published -14 Mar 2021, 14:48 ISTUpdated -03 Dec 2021, 16:57 IST
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    There is almost no one who doesn't love handbags. You could stick to your personal style and taste for that matter, but you would definitely not like skipping the bags out. Bags add dimension to your looks and make you look more elegant and poised. It could be a trend to carry your phones in your hand but it is the best way to keep them protected inside a bag. So if you too are interested in different kinds of bags and want to know the handbags of 2021.

    Mini Shoulder Bags 

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    If you think that mini shoulder bags are a thing of the past then you should know that the craze for these bags is not over yet. These small bags are really going to top the charts and make headlines in the fashion world. They are sleek, trendy and very functional too. They have a small strap attached to the rectangular or differently shaped body of the bag and is generally hung over the shoulder to fit within your upper arm. You can keep all your essentials like lipstick, wallet, cards and pocket perfume inside your mini shoulder bag.

    Chain Handled Bags

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    One of the trendiest bags of the last year is yet all over our minds. The chain handled bags are super good looking, spacious and very readily available in both offline and online markets. The bag is also very appealing as there is a bold metallic chain attached to it with a strong chain to support the entire frame of the bag.  The bag is loosely shaped in a circular pattern and the chain is kept bigger and broader but as the space of the bag improves the chain also keeps becoming smaller and thinner. This bag is perfect for semi-formal outings and can hold a small diary, a makeup pouch and wallets along with most essentials.

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    Circular Bags

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    Emerging as one of the top trends of the handbag frenzy, circular bags are really chic and stylish. The bags are made in a circle shape and are decent to carry to casual occasions. You can go ahead with very dark colours in case you're taking the bag out at a party(how to plan a bachelorette party). These bags can't hold a lot of stuff but can surely help you in carrying the most essential things like a small wand kajal, eyeliner or lipstick. The bag is mostly to serve as an accessory for your looks and to add a geometric dimension.

    Large Sized Bags

    Some women do not at all rely on anything else but their bags for anything and everything. Therefore, for such people, large bags have always been the leaders of trends. Large bags are designed keeping in mind the functionality of the product. They can accommodate almost everything that one needs and therefore a lot of women are comfortable using them. But functionality doesn't lead to a compromise on the style. These bags are also very elegant and add an all-new element to your look. Just make sure to pair it with the right matching outfits and you will be good to go.

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    Pop Colour Bags

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    Colours have been very trendy from the last year onwards. People love everything that has vibrant colours. From shoes to lipsticks and accessories such as bags. Pop coloured bags are also very much in demand this season. These bags are available in almost every brand and are super classy to set a trend for the season. You can buy one that suits your requirements and then work it with contrasting outfits and shoes. 

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