Learn From Bollywood Divas: Ways To Include Floral Print In Your Look

Are you someone who wants to be up to date with fashion trends? Here are five ways to opt for floral fashion! 

Riddhi Kaushik
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Fashion changes colours and trends on a daily basis. It is an ever-changing field despite the fact that we are somehow expected to always keep ourselves updated about it. Every single day, a Bollywood actress wears something different and walks out, nullifying every fashionable piece of clothing in our closet.

While fashion trends go on and off, there is one thing that has been in the trends since the period of retro Bollywood till date! The only thing that has changed is the way it is included in the look.

Confused about what we are referring to? It is floral prints! To keep you in the loop with the floral trend, we have mentioned five ways to include floral in your look!

Floral Print Shirt

kareena kapoor floral shirt

Image Credit:assets.vogue

This is one thing that has been untouched by the passing years in the fashion industry. Floral print shirts were in fashion several years back, and seeing the love they get they will be in trend years from now as well. The best part about this unisex design is that it gives the perfect look for those of you who only find comfort in wearing shirts and are looking to wear something for a casual outing!

Floral Print Blazer

katrina kaif fashion floral print blazer

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A Friday at work often requires you to wear something that says “hey weekend is almost here!” along with “it is a working day today”. The perfect blend of casual and formal is a floral blazer. You can pair it up with a plain shirt and pants to make sure there is only one element that has a hint of informal vibe to it. You can also wear these blazers on skin-tight knee-length(or below) dresses.

Floral Print Skirt

floral skirt fashion

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The cutest of all, a floral print skirt will give you a very playful and youthful look. Wear this at those outings when you know you are going to have fun! They say what we wear defines our mood for the day. This skirt compliments a relaxed and ready to have fun mood! Since the skirt is already printed, try to keep the top plain to balance it out.

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Floral Print Pant

floral print pant fashion

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We have seen so many actresses boast this look of floral print pants and solid-coloured tops. These pants can either be tight-fitted ones or even loose palazzos. Either way, floral pants offer a complete statement look that will surely gain you some fans wherever it is that you are going!

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Floral Print Purse

Wearing a simple attire top to bottom and complimenting it with a floral print purse is the kind of fashionista look that is certainly going to get everyone in the room nervous in front of you. This look is sophisticated, classy and everything in between!

We hope you found this article interesting and are all set to ace the fashion game. If you wish to read more such articles, stay tuned to HerZindagi!