Nose rings are absolutely stunning and can be used in more outfits than one. Nose rings have been a part of Middle East, Africa, India, and North America but is prominently seen as a part of Indian and Middle Eastern culture. Nose ring used to have a cultural piece but in today's time it is still it's cultural significance but with a lot of style. 

Here we have a list of the best nose ring designs. You can mix and match to make your outfit look absolutely stunning but also keep your comfort in mind. 

Simple Nose Rings

Simple nose rings

Simple nose rings are a level 1 accessory; if you want to dabble a bit in the world of nose rings then the simple nose rings are your best guess. Simple nose rings are usually simple silver or golden rings but if you want to try on studs then that's a great option too. 

Nose rings look absolutely stunning on salwar suit but it wanna dress it up you can try some fancier simple nose rings with basic designs. Studs on the other hand comes in many shapes and gems but they can be a bit more uncomfortable than nose rings. 

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Modern Nose Rings

Modern nose rings

Modern nose rings are still nose rings but with a artistic and sleek aspect to it. They are more like a newer take on simple and traditional rings. These are more sleek, abstract and creative. These would look absolutely stunning on pants and a loose blouse or if you want to turn your ethnic into fun ethnic then definitely throw on a modern stylish nose ring. 

These nose rings are sure to catch attention and make people wonder where you brought them from. Remember to show your creativity with your style! This is level 5 given that it can vary in size and style; it can be bold and minimalist or both! 

Heavy and Traditional Nose Rings

Heavy and Traditional nose ring

This is a festive jewelry which only comes out during celebrations, wedding or any special festival like Holi or Diwali. These are heavy and look stunning on lehengas or saree. These are beautifully engraved and made with care. These are proper traditional nose rings our mothers love to wear on a special occasion. Something that will catch everyone's attention and make aunties envy you! 

These are a bit heavier and hard to carry so make sure you are not wearing these for a long even. Keep a smaller replacement with you just incase you feel the need to change your nose ring. This is level 10 on the scale of difficulty given how hard a heavy Indian nose ring can be to carry.

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Simple Yet Traditional Nose Rings

simple yet traditional nose rings

Simple and traditional nose rings are something of a level 2. Once you have crossed the Level one band you fall onto level 2 which are simple traditional nose rings which no mother is going to say no to. These nose rings are light to carry with a bit of panashe and style to them. These are perfect for any simple ethnic outfit like salwar suit or plazzos with a nice suit etc. 

These nose rings will make you look edgy with a black jacket and sweet sanskari in a salwar suit. You can have an easy and fun trasition from Poo to Parvati in minutes. A bit of smokey grungy makeup and you can set the world on fire but at the same time look like an absolute angel with a soft peachy look. 

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