In the hot and humid weather, all you want to wear are light cotton, loose-fitting clothes. However, when stepping out, many of us have to wear jeans or pants. In sticky weather, jeans tend to bog us down so how do we keep ourselves cool in them? Here are a few brilliant hacks that will help you out. 

Chill Your Jeans

jeans cool

If you have to wear denim then keep them in your freezer overnight. Put them on just before leaving. This will not just keep you cool but will also kill off any body odour causing bacteria. Below the waist, it will be all chilled!


When you do not have hair on your legs, the jeans will not be as punishing as they are. This is a tried and tested comparison by me. I felt less hot and humid when I had my legs waxed!

For other clothes and to keep yourself cool throughout, here are some other tips

Unlined Blazers

If you have to still go out for work during this pandemic, wear unlined blazers. Blazers generally have silk or satin linings which look luxurious but they make you sweat profusely in hot weather. 


It is not just an accessory but a rather useful and life saving piece of cloth! When you feel hot, wipe of with a hankie. 

Bra Liners

bra liner

These are excellent for getting rid of boob sweat! You can buy them online and yes they are available in India at affordable rates. 

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Anti-Sweating Fabrics

It is best to invest in the right clothes right in the beginning. These days there are so many fabrics available that have been specifically designed by labs, to get rid of sweat and neutralise the stench. 

Hair Ties

Agreed you look great in open hair but sweat can make your tresses wet and the stench gags the other person. To avoid this situation, buy some hair ties and hair bands. Wear one and keep an extra in your bag always. 

Deos & Foot Sprays

Some of us tend to sweat a lot in the armpit area as well as in the feet. Rud a deo stick on your feet or sprinkle some anti-smell foot powder in your footwear before wearing them. The best would be to wear flip-flops and sandals. Deos also prevent chaffing. 

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Arm Pit Pads

These days you also get anti sweat pads which can be worn under the armpits. They absorb the smell and sweat and keep you smelling fresh. 

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