When you go to bed, it is important to wear super breathable and comfortable nightwear. At home, we usually wear our most worn cottons which are comfortable yet not presentable. However, when we have guests or someone unexpectedly drops by, keeping a good nightsuit handy is crucial. The same goes for times when we have pajama parties with our girls. Off late our celebs have been posting a lot of night suit-clad pictures ever since the pandemic lockdowns started taking place. So here are a few of them which can inspire you to have one or two such numbers which can be easily worn to your friend's place and are easy on the camera as well.

Sonam Kapoor in Black Night Suit

sonam kapoor black night suit

This night suit worn by Sonam does not just make her look adorable but is great if you are a black hue fan. There are some beauties who like to wear black just because they think they look heavy in light colours. Although I won't promote this thought process as you should wear what you like, if black is comfortable then a night suit like this is perfect! You picture well, look good, feel good, and are presentable as well.

Jacqueline Fernandez In Striped Shorts Nighsuit

jacqueline night suit

If you are comfortable with wearing shorts then invest in a comfortable night suit like this. You can wear your hair in a high bun or a top knot and look super cute in this number. Wear matching nail paint and click away with your girls!

Anushka Sharma In The Moony Night Suit

anushka night suit

Anushka looks adorable in whatever she wears but her night suits look super comfortable. Select the print of your choice in stores or online and wear it at your friend's pajama party. 

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Disha Patani In Pink Nightsuit

disha patani night suit

Certainly a trend, these night suits look crisp, feel comfortable and click well. Here Disha Patani is wearing a powdery baby pink-hued night suit with a chocolate jar print all over with black piping on the sleeves. With her hair casually shoved on one side, Disha looks really adorable and so will you. You could sport a lip tint or a nude lipstick for the party because many pictures will be taken and you definitely want to look good right?

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Alia Bhatt's Balck Nightsuit Look

alia bhatt night suit

The actress looks nothing short of glamourous yet comfortable in this. She has a lot of makeup on but you can simply focus on a good lipstick and your eyebrows. Wear a pair of sandals or wedges when you go to your friends because it will be a bit tedious to go and change again. Take oodles of pictures, smile away and have fun. 

Which nightsuit did you like the most?

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such looks and update your wardrobe with the trends catching up.