Prints have been taking over the world for decades. We have seen multiple prints all around the world and in most of our closets. Some brands have associated themselves with some minimal or extravagant prints that can be spotted from afar. 

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These prints help you distinguish while also spotting a particular brand in the market easily. Brand association is very easy. It has been embedded in our minds and we tend to bend towards them for supremacy amongst other brands. 

Here are 5 popular brands who’s prints have been taking over the world for quite some time now-


Versace has a different vibe to the brand altogether. Versace has the most vibrant print of all. The vibrancy and the vibe is what attracts the consumer to the product. The print of Versace is very different from other brands and is the USP (unique selling point) of the brand. 

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Versace usually has a base of black or white to the print. Being an international brand, it’s costing is also at an international level. There are many vendors that provide duplicates but a real Versace is soft and is a print on silk material (learn how to wash silk clothes properly)


Gucci is also an international brand that has become a luxury brand over the years in the market. The most distinguished print that the brand has is the 3 stripe print design. The design has two stripes of red and one of green while the Gucci logo is written in a shade of golden. 


Gucci usually has minimal prints but the signature print of the stripes has become a big brand all over the world. It has gained fame and popularity among the youth. 

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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest names in the world of luxury. So has it been for years, the pricing is extremely high. The Louis Vuitton printing is a signature print which is not easily replicated by anybody but is found in many street shops everywhere. 


For a brand this big, finding duplicates is much easier and accessible to the consumer. Even with several attempts on cloning, it’s hard to get the original print and quality of the products as similar to those offered by the brands themselves. 

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a women’s favorite brand. Every girl wishes to have Victoria’s Secret merchandise in her wardrobe. Victoria’s Secret has a signature two tones of pink and black. 

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Victoria’s Secret is the top luxury, lingerie (what's the right type of bra for you?) brand for young ladies and women. It’s hard to find in India but many people oten purchase it on their trips to foriegn lands. They also have different scents and mists which have amazing fragrances. 


Even with starting out as a minimal brand, Adidas has taken over the athleisure world with a bang. Three white stripes on the side has been a signature look while it took years for Adidas to start innovation which took us by a shock. inside

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Finding different brands cross collaborating with Adidas was something new and innovative. Adidas has taken athleisure to another level while taking a huge space in  the sports market too. The brand gives the most versatile collaborations and colour tones to the world. 

All these popular brands have become a standard of status for the youth. Owning clothing from such brands are no longer assumed to be luxury, but a necessity, something one must own to have and live up to the standards of other individuals. 

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There is a long list of prints and brands taking over the world, here were our top 5. What's yours? Connect with us on Instagram and let us know if we missed out on something major. 

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