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This 200-Year-Old Nizam's Jewellery Collection With Full Size Diamonds, Will Make Your Day!

This exquisite Nizam jewellery is what you need to see today! Payal to hairpin made with the finest of diamonds and precious gemstone, see pics!
Published -25 Mar 2020, 15:27 ISTUpdated -01 Jul 2021, 16:36 IST
jewellery nizam

Treat your sore eyes to this Nizam's Jewellwery which was last on display in May 2019 with 173 pieces of jewellery pieces at the National Museum, Delhi. This jewellery belonged to the Nizams of Hyderabad who ruled from 1724 to 1948.

Bought at a cheap price (my personal opinion), in 1995 by the Union government, the jewellery is breathtaking! It was bought for just Rs 217 crore after a 23-year negotiation with the family of the Nizams after the death of the last Nizam Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan and his eldest son Azam Jah.

The real value is difficult to calculate as it was made from the finest jewels in India and it is also two hundred years old with the Deccan history attached to it. 

old nizam

Image courtesy: textile_conservation_studio

The collection you are about to feast your eyes on has sarpeches (a turban ornament), belt buckles, bracelets or bangles, nose rings, anklets, and necklaces of different types. It also has a hairpin made from diamond and I am certain that you will lose your heart to it. 



Just look at the size of the diamonds, rubies and emeralds! Imagine a royal walking casually in her ethnic best with an anklet like this playing peekaboo with you... Exquisite isn't it? I could not get a hold on what the name of this is as most of the jewels here have. 

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Neckpiece, Belt buckle and Turban Ornament

nizam chokers

1. On the left is a diamond riviera necklace which was heartbreakingly auctioned for Rs 17 crore. It is an antique diamond, emerald and enamel necklace which was worn by the Nizams during parades. It is made with 200 carats of diamonds which come from the Golconda mines. These mines are said to be the earliest mines known to us humans.

2. On the top right is Baglus Almas which is a gold buckle set with diamonds, late 18th century. The weight of the piece of jewel is 252 gm. It is made of gold with large and small diamonds inlaid. The setting gives a kundan style feel but is actual diamonds one cannot even fathom to afford although the Ambanis might just beat that imagination as well. 

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3. Emerald turban ornament. Yes, that is a turban ornament, not a choker as I thought so too. Look at the size of the drops, the inlaid work where the huge emeralds are skirted by real diamonds. 

Nose Ring

nizam nath

This is not just any nose ring. It probably is a lot of weight for a poor nose but I don't mind possessing something so beautiful. The finish looks like that of kundan, but it is made using diamonds and the small leaves that you see are pure gold leaves which have little weight.

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Raani Haar & Anklets

rani haar kangan nizam

1. Called Kanthi Dolna Almas Wa Mothi, what you see is a necklace of diamond beads which have been strung with pearls, belonging to the  19th century. A unique piece for sure, this neckpiece has three rows of pearls that I call Rani haar as it is fit for a Rani but actually a Rani haar has many strings and is very long. It is strung with a square diamond in the centre. The 57 diamonds together weigh approx 220 carats. 

2. The amulets are called Tora Paon Jaravi Almas Yakhot Zamarrud which are set with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, in the 19th century. They weigh 790 gm. It is a snake-like design made in gold with Golconda diamonds and rubies and emeralds. These are Burmese rubies and Columbian emeralds. If you look closely, the anklets are put together with multiple pieces joining to enhance the flexibility of the ornaments for the ease of wearing.


necklace nizam

1. On the left is a massive emerald and diamond necklace. it is not Kundan if that is what you are thinking. It has pearls to break the colour tonality or just to add to that grandeur.

2. This is a necklace called Kanthi Almas Kanval which is made in gold with diamonds galore. It was made in the late 19th-20th century. It weighs 128gm. The design is European with a clasp also being a large large rectangular diamond.

Image courtesy: whatshot & telegraph

Take inspiration, bring out your ancestral jewellery and wear them to events you find safe. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on jewellery worn by the Indian royals that were. 

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