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Expert Finance Tips For Every Women Who Wants To Invest In Her 30s

If you are still new to the world of finance and investments, here is a quick guide you should follow.
Published -11 Oct 2021, 12:50 ISTUpdated -23 Oct 2021, 09:34 IST
investment options for women in s

Not everyone begins investing at the beginning of their careers. There are a lot of factors that prevent many from investing initially like unforeseen life incidents, easy availability of credit cards and loans, low pay scale among others. 

It is usually believed that one must begin saving as soon as they begin their careers, early 20s. However, if you are someone who missed that and starting it now in your 30s and 40s, we have a quick guide for you. 

We asked CA Ruchika Bhagat, MD, Neeraj Bhagat & Coto share some things women should keep in mind when investing in their 30s. Read on. 

Define Your Goals 

Undoubtedly, when you know you are a late starter, be real with yourself. Now is the time for you to list down your financial goals, be it building a retirement fund, emergency fund, buying a home or car, planning a world tour or starting your own business. The expert suggested saving up a little more in your 30s to match the wealth you would have created if had started in the 20s. 

Some Investment Options And Their Annual Returns 

investment options for women

• Equities can fetch an annual return of approximately 18% according to CRISIL

• ETFs:  the typical average return of an ETF is around 10%

• Equity mutual funds: On average, equity funds have generated returns in the range of 10% to 12%.

• Public Provident Fund: The current interest rate on PPF is approx. 7.1% compounded annually. 

• Insurance: Benefits like Maturity Cover, Health Cover along with some return on premium

• Fixed Income Schemes: Tax Saving FD’s or Debt Funds can fetch an average return between the range of 5.5%-6.5%

Increase Savings After Short Intervals

increase in savings for women

Next, the expert suggested using every opportunity to increase the amount of investment. She shared that an increase of even 10 to 15 percent will give a great result in future. Appraisal, bonus, additional income should be invested. Such savings are exceptionally rewarding

Be Disciplined In Terms Of Finance

It's indeed difficult to commit money to these plans on a monthly basis — money that could be spent on other things. You might be tempted to skip some months. An emergency can occur at any time. For these reasons, it is preferable to automate payments on your pay day. Think and analyse your spending structure, whether you truly need a particular goods or a service.

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Diversification Is A Strength 

In your 30s, you have a long investment horizon and can afford to be a risk taker. You can invest in equities, equity oriented funds which can give you long term returns. Investing in the long term helps you get rid of volatility in the market. Investing in a mix of equity, debt funds and other schemes can be beneficial.

Never Withdraw Retirement Savings

Withdrawing your retirement savings in the occurrence of a financial emergency is not at all a smart idea as you are preventing the money to multiply. 

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Approaching the 30-year milestone is a significant landmark in lives for most of the people.  This also implies that you should begin thinking about how you will spend your money in order to attain your goals and have a secure future. It's fantastic if you've already started down that path. But even if you haven't, don't worry; it's never too late to start. The trick is to start somewhere.

We hope this expert guide helps you invest better. For more such finance tips, stay tuned to HerZindagi. 

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