Most of us crinkle our nose seeing some broccoli on the plate but do you know it is the healthiest of all vegetables? Broccoli comes along with lots of nutrients that are essential for your body. Coming from the cabbage family, broccoli is rich in vitamins and minerals which is why it is super healthy. Read along to know the health benefits of eating broccoli: 

Helps You In Losing Weight 

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Broccoli is rich in fiber and low in calories which makes it a great vegetable for weight loss. It has essential vitamins and minerals which your body requires while you are losing weight. Because of its high fiber content, it makes you feel full for a longer time and you don't get hunger pangs every now and then. This prevents you from eating unhealthy or even overeating. The calcium and vitamin C in broccoli helps in boosting your metabolic rate. A better metabolic rate helps you burn more calories and helps you have a healthier body. 

Promotes Heart Health

promotes heart health

Broccoli is rich in fibers, vitamins and fatty acids which makes it great for your heart health. It keeps your blood vessels strong and improves the functioning of your heart. Some studies also suggest that eating broccoli reduces the risk of heart diseases because it regulates the cholesterol and sugar level of the body.

Prevents Cancer

Eating broccoli helps you prevent cancer because it has sulforaphane. This organic sulfur helps in killing cancer cells. According to a lot of researches, broccoli is known to prevent a lot of cancers like prostate, lungs, breast cancers. The vegetable is rich in fiber, which helps in boosting your immunity and preventing you from chronic diseases like cancer. 

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Improves Your Bone Health

Rich in calcium and vitamin K, broccoli is just the perfect veggie to improve your bone health. Eating broccoli regularly improves your bone health and prevents any bone related issues. It is also rich in nutrients such as zinc and magnesium which keep your bones healthy and strong even during older age. 

Great For Your Skin 

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If you want naturally beautiful and glowing skin then you should add broccoli to your diet right now! Broccoli has glucoraphanin which keeps your skin healthy and improves your skin complexion. Broccoli has vitamin C which fights free radicals and makes the aging process slow. It also prevents your skin against cancer. It improves the elasticity of the skin and reduces the visibility of cancer.  

Improves Your Brain Health 

Broccoli has vitamin K which is known for improving brain health. Eating broccoli helps you improve your memory and reduces the risk of health issues like Alzheimer and depression. It is also considered a great food for people who are getting their brain injuries treated. 

Makes Your Hair Stronger

Rich in vitamins B and C, broccoli makes your hair stronger from the roots. It removes free radicals and makes your hair thick and healthy. Broccoli has omega-9 fatty acid which gives your hair a natural shine. 

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