Relishing a warm, comfortable meal platter while soaking in the sun during a lazy winter afternoon… if there is heaven on Earth, it is here! With harvest festivals being celebrated across the country, how about preparing few traditional delicacies for your upcoming Sunday lunch?

Here’s is Chef Devraj Sharma, Crowne Plaza, New Delhi Okhla's take on a perfect winter plate loaded with health benefits for you to enjoy with your friends and family. 

The Soup Story: Paya Soup

paya soup

Start your meal with a warm, comforting bowl of paya soup, a traditional delicacy made from lamb trotters. Slow-cooked with spices;  this thin soup bursts with flavours and has magical healing powers. It helps in detoxification, gut healing and also combats arthritis and gum deficiencies.  

Sarson Ka Saag & Makke Ki Roti

Fresh green mustard leaves are slow-cooked with winter spinach, bathua (edible chenopodium), and coriander leaves and tempered with spices. It can be paired with makki ki roti, fresh butter and jaggery for an ultimate indulgence. 

The antioxidants present in mustard helps in protection against cell damages thus preventing cancer and other ailments. It is not only a good source of iron but also covers any vitamin A deficiency which is a prerequisite for good eye health. Say goodbye to bad cholesterol with our humble sarson ka saag.  

‘Kalee’ Gajar Ki Kanji

chef crowne plaza

Kaanji is a probiotic drink native to mainland Punjab. Black carrots are mixed with spices and soaked in water. Then it is left to ferment naturally. The mustard seeds used in the drink gives it the right kick and initiates the pickling process. Packed with antioxidants, black carrots can help combat inflammation in the body and slows down signs of ageing by making the skin look beautiful.


They are also known to keep your brain active and gut healthy and lower the risk of heart diseases. Your digestion tends to become sluggish during the winter season. Both sarson ka saag and kali gajar kaanji are loaded with fiber which helps in easy digestion. 

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Gur Para

gur para

Craving for something meetha now? Gur Sakarpara can satiate your sweet tooth cravings. The fresh jaggery used in this snack-style dessert is a powerhouse of antioxidants, zinc and selenium proving to be a great immunity booster. It also detoxifies the liver and can fight against common winter ailments such as cough, cold & flu.

So do a favour to your health and five senses, treat yourself to some immunity building, warming goodness to beat the winter chill with these dishes. 

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