When the going gets tough, the tough get going is one quote that can be interpreted in many ways. In this context, I would add that no matter how tough, a break is always needed to recharge yourself. The crazy lifestyle we have today which consists of mostly office work, makes us feel frustrated and being at home has affected many minds. For your own mental peace, take a leave for a few days and head to these places where you can easily go solo as well.


This is a rather famous destination which is well known for its rich cultural heritage and amazing hospitality. This city beckons you if you see just the pictures. It is perfect if a solo trip is on your mind. Feast your eyes on the royal Havelis, palaces, temples and forts. 



This place is a geographic phenomenon in Gujarat. It has an attractive rustic value to it with so many historical sites, wildlife reserves, and pilgrimage spots. In the midst of seawater, this place is an ultimate destination, especially for those travelling solo. Checkout the dates of Rann Utsav which takes place here and make a trip. Do not forget your cameras as it also has many ancient temples, rugged forts and architectural sights.



Gangtok is hands down a place to retreat if the hustle and bustle around you are getting too much. The cacophony of your mundane life and the immense work pressure due to work from home is overwhelming then head to Gangtok. It is a clean and an organised city which is home to many monasteries. The markets are vibrant and food options here are accomodating for all. 

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A "nageena" for India, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are an amazing place to visit when you want to escape the madness of the world. It is exotic, full of clean water, which makes the beaches mind-blowing and then ofcourse the corals and caves are unmissable. If you are a seafood lover then go nuts is what I would suggest.



It has a lovely scenic beauty. The mountain passes, wildlife here is unmissable. Ladakh has many reasons to make you visit this place when all you are looking for is mental peace from the hustle and bustle of it all. If you are want something spiritual then you may want to visit the religious placse here. Nobody bothers you here and this place is paradise for those interested in photography.

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