While we all know that eating too much sugar can turn out to be harmful to our bodies, many of us do not cut it down from day-to-day meals. Have you ever thought about the fact that some common everyday food items are really high on their sugar content? Well, there are some foods that are loaded with sugar, and consuming too much of them can be really harmful to your health. Here are some food items that you should be avoiding:

Breakfast Cereals

breakfast cereal 

Many of us run late in the morning and turn to cereals as our quick breakfast option. However, let us tell you that breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar. A lot of them contain added flavours. If you are someone who just can't do without these breakfast cereals then try going for basic cornflakes or cereals that come without sugar. 

Packaged Juices 

Packaged Fruit Juices that claim to be loaded with all the goodness of fruits are actually loaded with sugar. They contain a lot of artificial flavors and colors that are really harmful to our health. Instead of sipping on these packaged juices, you can prepare fresh fruit juice at home or munch a fruit on the go. 

Tomato Ketchup

tomato ketchup

We all love ketchup and it is super good to go with most of our munchies. But do you know that it comes with a lot of salt and sugar? Also, it is loaded with additives and preservatives which are totally unhealthy. If you can't do without any dips then go for homemade dips like yogurt dip or mint dip. 



Bread is a part of our everyday meal cycle. Along with flour and yeast, sugar too goes into the preparation of the bread. This sugar is dangerous for the body. Eating too much bread can lead to a high in blood glucose and insulin level of the body. 


We love munching biscuits with our morning coffee or tea but do you know that biscuits come with a lot of sugar? Yes, biscuits are packed with a lot of sugar, preservatives and food additives. These are really harmful to our body. If you really can't do without your biscuit routine then switch to whole wheat biscuits that come with less sugar and preservatives. 

Granola Bars

Granola bars are trending all over as the perfect energy bar to munch pre-workouts. Well, they look healthy because they are made of oats. Other than oats, these bars also have loads of sugar. The number of calories is really high. You can prepare your granola bar at home using less sugar. 

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