Every country has its own way of consuming coffee, be it on the rocks (ice) or a hot cuppa. We have listed a few ways in which some of the countries go about it. Read on to know more. Also let us know which have you tried and how is it in the comments box below.

Espresso Italy

Espresso means ‘pressed out'. This coffee first originated in Italy where it is made by passing nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. It literally contains just coffee and water. Make yourself a fresh pot with 30ml Espresso in a 90ml cup.

Doppio: Doppio in Italian literally means ‘double'. It is a double shot of Espresso coffee.

Macchiato: Macchiato in Italian means ‘stained'. This is because a serving of this drink is an Espresso shot with a little-foamed milk on the top. Pour in 30ml Espresso with foamed milk on top in a 90ml cup.

Cappuccino: The most known and famous coffee drink, cappuccino contains more milk-to-coffee ratio. The right combination of this is 60ml Espresso, 60ml steamed milk and 60ml foamed milk in a 200ml cup.

Flat White: This beverage is a slight variation of Cappucino. It contains double the amount of milk as compared to coffee. How do you make it? Combine 60ml Espresso, 120ml steamed milk in a 200ml cup, and your cup is ready.

French Press Coffee

french press coffee

This is different from Espresso as the preparation method is different. A french press is a device in which finely ground coffee is added and hot water is poured on top. After staying still for a few minutes, a plunger is pressed hard, so that the ground coffee’s essence is released as it seeps into the water, and the brew is poured out.


turkish coffee

The Turkish like their coffee light and sweet. Hence, a majority of this coffee is sugar water. Combine 10 grams or 2 tsp of ground coffee with 180ml sugar water,  köpük (foam)  in a 200ml cup.


irish coffee

 The Irish love to stir things up and making literally any dish or drink interesting. Ever heard whiskey in coffee? That is what your Irish coffee is all about. Combine 5 grams or 1 tsp brown sugar with 120 ml French press coffee, 60 ml Irish whiskey and 75 ml heavy cream in a 250ml glass.


If you might have seen in Western media, Americans like to drink their coffee straight out of the pot. What they basically survive on is a mixture of 60ml Espresso and 120ml hot water in a 200ml cup.

Long Black: Actually, Long Black and Cafe Americano are the same things, but it is different for coffee connoisseurs. Pour yourself 120ml hot water with 60ml Espresso in a 200ml cup and you are good to go. 

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Vienna Coffee

This coffee is a fun twist given to your regular Espresso shot. The magical ingredient here is whipped cream. What they do is mix in 60ml Espresso with Whipped cream on the top in a 150ml cup. 

Greek Frappe

This coffee is one of the fanciest coffee drinks and it contains the least amount of coffee in comparison to others. It is best when served chilled. Combine 10 grams or 2 tsps of instant coffee with 15ml sugar water, 90ml cold water with 3-5 ice cubes and 90ml coffee foam in a 250ml glass.

Mexicano Cafe de Olla 

Simmered with a cinnamon stick, traditional Mexican coffee uses unrefined cane sugar and is served in a clay mug, which locals believe brings out coffee's flavours.

Brazilian Cafezinho

While many consider the caipirinha Brazil's national drink, cafezinho is by far the most popular drink for locals. Similar to an espresso, cafezinhos are small, strong cups of coffee. However, it is are pre-sweetened and generally brewed with the sugar.

Spanish Cafe Bombon

For those who enjoy their coffee on the sweeter side, Spain's cafe bombon could be your new found love. Intensely thick and sugary, an equal amount of condensed milk is stirred into black coffee.

Try out these drinks and let us know what you liked. If you have more inputs to contribute, do share them in the box below or on our Official Facebook page. Happy Coffee Day!

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