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    Must Visit Parks In Delhi For A Perfect Day out

    Delhi has some really fascinating parks and gardens to chill and relax. Read on to know them.
    Published -15 Oct 2021, 10:00 ISTUpdated -14 Oct 2021, 23:37 IST
    delhi parks and gardens

    India's capital city, Delhi has so many places to experience including IT parks, high-rise buildings, markets, malls, and a slew of pubs and restaurants. However, if you want to spend your day in a relaxing and beautiful environment, Delhi has that too. The city has stunning parks and gardens. Here is the list of the best parks and gardens in Delhi.

    1. Deer Park

    deer park

    Deer Park, also known as the "lungs of Delhi," is a lush green park in New Delhi's Hauz Khas Village. The park, which includes a deer park, rabbit fields, fountains, lake, and some historical tombs, is a popular hangout place for Delhiites seeking a break from the city's pollution and dust. This place is ideal for picnics and on weekends, you'll see a lot of tourists and locals lounging around this peaceful spot.

    2. Garden Of Five Senses

    garden of  senses

    This beautiful garden is located in Saidul Ajaib Village, near Saket. It is a paradise for nature lovers, sprawling over 20 acres of land and designed to stimulate your senses of touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. The garden has various themed parks, a section of Mughal baghs, pools of water lilies, cascades of sparkling water, a solar energy park, an amphitheatre, and umpteen sculptures, rock carvings, and themed decor. It is Partly built on rocky terrain and partly in the plain area in February is a flower show.

    3. Buddha Jayanti park

    The Buddha Jayanti Park was established to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of Gautam Buddha and is located in Central Ridge Reserve Forest, New Delhi. A Buddha statue is installed in the park which  symbolizes the gratitude of the Tibetan people. With large open meadows, colourful flowering shrubs, green brooks and the pretty park, it is ideal to spend some time amidst nature, in peace, far from the loud city life.

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    4. Lodhi Garden

    The tombs of Sayyid ruler Mohammed Shah and Lodhi king Sikandar Lodhi are placed in the lush Lodhi Garden. Lodhi Garden is a beautiful luscious garden which was once named as 'Lady Willingdon Park,' but after India gained independence from the British, it was renamed as Lodhi Garden.

    It's located close to Khan Market and makes for a delightful spot for morning walks and picnics.

    5. India Gate Lawns

    India gate is a famous spot in Delhi and the gardens around it are a popular hang out place. A lot of people come to these gardens at night to relax, chat with loved ones, and see India Gate lit up with beautiful lights.

    6. Mughal Garden

    This garden remains open to the public only in the months of January and February, but is a must visit place. It is a historic garden from the Mughal era, with its structures built in a persian style of architecture. The garden is a wonderful sight with splashes of colourful flowers here and there, lush green trees and fountains. You must visit this beautiful place for a peaceful time. 

    7. Sundar Nursery

    Sunder Nursery in New Delhi is a 16th-century heritage park and home to 6 world heritage monuments. The 90-acre garden near Humayun's Tomb also houses a paradise garden with a marble fountain, almost 300 plants and tree species, 80 bird species and 40 butterfly species. Formerly known as Azeem Bagh, it was originally built by the Mughals in the 16th century. The place is mesmerizing and a treat to the eyes.

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    These are some of the best parks in Delhi. Tell me which park did you find the most attractive on our facebook page. 

    Stay tuned for more such stories.

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