We have been using pressure cookers for the longest time now. However, there are many who now feel that it isn't healthy to cook in them or are just too scared to use it. Also known as the instant pot, pressure cookers are actually one of the best cooking devices you have in your kitchen. If you don't really have one then you must get a new pressure cooker. Why? Scroll down to know.

Food Retains Nutrients

Do you know, often the food you cook loses its nutritional value while it is being prepared? That can be one reason why your body isn't getting the nutrients you are actually trying to fuel in. When you prepare your food in a pressure cooker, your food retains most of its nutrients and is healthier as compared to food prepared in other cooking devices. 

Food gets prepared in a pressure cooker quickly and this is why the food retains the nutrients. It also retains its original flavour and colour. Pressure cooking also helps in increasing the natural taste of your food. 

Saves A Lot Of Time

pressure cooking benefits

Most of us have hectic work schedules and don't really have much time to cook food. Pressure cooking is the easiest way to prepare food for those who are always running short on time. Your food is ready in just a few minutes, it is delicious and nutritious! 

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Keeps Your Kitchen Cool

You must have noticed that when you cook food in a pan or a regular kadhai, your kitchen starts to get hot. To prevent your kitchen from getting heated up, it is best to cook in a pressure cooker. Pressure cooking keeps your kitchen cool. 

Energy Savings

As compared to other cooking devices, pressure cooking is way better when it comes to saving energy. You don't need multiple burners when you prepare food in a cooker. The one-pot cooking helps in saving energy and cuts down on your electricity bill.

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Less Cleaning 

benefits of pressure cooking

When you prepare food in a pressure cooker, you don't need a lot of utensils. Just that one pot is enough to make your food. At the end of the day, you just need to wash that pressure cooker

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Kills Harmful Bacteria

If your food has any harmful bacteria, it gets destroyed when prepared in a pressure cooker. So, when you prepare your food in this cooking utensil, you know that it is super healthy and free of any bacteria. 

Best Foods To Make In Pressure Cooker

pressure cooker best foods

You can prepare most foods in a pressure cooker but here are the foods that turn out to be the best:

  • Soups
  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Chicken
  • Firm vegetables
  • Cakes

Foods that you would want to steam or boil are best prepared in a cooker. On the other hand, foods that you would like to be crispy shouldn't be cooked in a pressure cooker, for example, pasta or oatmeal. 

So, pressure cooking is not unhealthy. Cooking foods in a pressure cooker helps in retaining it the essential nutrients and that's what we all want at the end of the day. Also, all those who are scared of using a pressure cooker, it isn't really that risky. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while using a pressure cooker:

  • Always check your pressure cooker properly before cooking to avoid any problems. 
  • Never overfill the pressure cooker. For most foods, you should be keeping it not more than two-third of the cooker. 
  • When releasing the pressure, be really careful. You can let it release naturally or keep it under water and then let the pressure release. 

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