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    Supper In Sky: Agra To Get India’s Third Flying Restaurant With Taj Mahal In The Back

    After Noida and Bengaluru, Agra will now have a flying restaurant. But, this restaurant will give the view like no other flying restaurant in the worl...
    Updated at - 2020-10-28,14:43 IST
    Flying Restaurant

    If you think that Agra already has too much to offer when it comes to breathtaking sites, you need to think again. Imagine savouring lip-smacking food with your loved ones at a height of approximately 150-160 feet with the Taj Mahal in background. Sounds dreamy right? Well, here’s is good news for all those travel fanatics who love climbing new heights for unique experiences. The city with one of the seven wonders of the world will soon have a flying restaurant at the Kalakruti grounds that is close to the Taj Mahal. The dining table, full of delicious cuisines, will be hanging in the air with the help of a hydraulic crane. Yes, we know it would be out of the world view! 

    flying restaurant

    During an interview with the media, the Director of this spectacular restaurant, Manoj Agarwal informed that “The table has the capacity of seating 24 guests at one time and the duration of the dining experience will be fixed at 45 minutes. Being located in the world heritage city of Agra, this attraction will serve as an epic adventure for the tourists visiting the Taj Mahal, where they will be able to take their meals in the air while watching the Taj Mahal in the distance."

    The sky hight restaurant will serve burgers, pizza, and a few dishes from the Chinese cuisine. For drinks, there will be coffee and some mocktails. If you are wondering about the security, the spokesperson of the company which floated this idea, Ashok Jain Oswal has already given an idea of the “foolproof security” that will be given to the dinners, to the media.

    sky hight restaurant  

    “The guests are individually insured by an international insurance company. The crane system is fully tested and trusted and will certainly lure the guests to stay back in Agra to dine while flying. The target tourists are those coming from abroad and the idea is to persuade them for an overnight stay,” told Jain to a leading media.

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    The guests will be plied with hot coffee, pizza, and other edibles while they get the rare experience of sitting at a lofty height, with the liberty to move 180 degrees with belts on, gazing on a panoramic view of the city below. There are 200 such ‘Flydining Adventures’ experiences all over the world and in India, the Agra experience would be second to NOIDA. There are not many restrictions but anyone below a height of 4.5 feet is not to be allowed as seat belts are for people above this height to be totally safe," he added.

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    For more tightened security and to avoid any accidents the crew members will fly with the guests. Also, once the belt will be fastened, the dinners will only be able to free themselves after they land on the ground. The booking for the magnificent experience could be made online. The guests will be entitled to refunds if the restaurant cancels the booking due to bad weather. Also, one can only enjoy this adventurous dining experience in winters, as summers will be hot for the guests.  

    Image Courtesy: Tripoto, The Sunday Guardian, cntraveller

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