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    Let's See How Well You Know The City Delhi And Its Lesser Known Places

    If you are planning to visit Delhi or know Delhi better, you must know about these places and we’re sure you’d get super excited to visit them.
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    Updated at - 2021-09-07,14:06 IST
    delhi has these places which very few people know

    Delhi is the capital of India and it lies at its heart but are you sure you can call yourself a Delhite if you don’t know about these places? Don’t worry, we have our favourites in the list below and are sure to make you feel like packing your travel kit ready and reign these places by the end of the article.

    Being from Kolkata, I have always been stunned by the historic and cultural heritage which the capital city carries and when my wish of living in Delhi turned true, I made sure I explored it well and guess what? I am pretty impressed with myself.

    Following are the five places you must visit if you either live in Delhi or travel to the capital city ever in life-

    Majnu Ka Tila

    majnu ka tila

    This place topped our list as it not only makes our eyes shine but is also a great place to eat. So, just like ‘beauty with brains’, this place is everything good and should be a must on your Delhi tourism wish list.

    It is also called ‘The Little Tibet’ and is a small place built by refugees who became spirituals and followed the path of the Dalai Lama. 

    The place is small and compact but has everything to make your eyes shine. It has all the authentic Tibetan food joints, other cultural and worship places which is sure to make you feel the Tibetan vibe.

    Right from the famous Dolma Aunty Momos in Delhi to the authentic laphing, this place will satiate your taste buds with its great spread of food and how!

    How to reach here – If you are travelling by metro then you need to catch the Yellow line, get down at Vidhan Sabha Metro station and take an auto or cab ride. It is in GT Road, New Delhi.

    Satpula Bridge

    satpula bridge in delhi

    Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

    Believe it or not but this is one place which I am extremely proud to know about after my 5 year stay in Delhi. This is one of the least known places in Delhi and the traveller in me managed to smell this place in Kadki Village, Malviya Nagar (South Delhi).

    As the name suggests, Satpula is actually a bridge which used to help in water harvesting in the past. ‘Sat’ means seven and ‘Pula’ means bridge and used to be like a shield during the kingdom of Sultan Mohammed Shah Tughlaq.

    I was honestly a little surprised how many people don’t know about this place as it is easy to reach. Just an auto ride from Malviya Nagar Metro station and you get to witness this great historic property.

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    Mirza Galib Ki Haveli

    mirza galib ki haveli old delhi

    Image Courtesy: Tripoto

    This place is more of a museum today and saves some of the incredible works of Urdu poet Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan popularly called Mirza Ghalib. He had spent most of his years in this Haveli and the Indian Government has taken over it to maintain it and preserve it as one of the heritage sites in Delhi.

    It is a charm in Chandni Chawk, Old Delhi and is close to Chawri Bazaar Metro Station. 

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    Santushti Shopping Complex

    santushthi shopping complex in ina

    Image Courtesy: Twitter

    If you are a fan of open spaces and good shopping, Santushti Shopping Complex is the perfect place for you in Delhi. This is one place which not only has a great layout of good clothes, jewellery, eatery, natural homemade medicines and household things but is also a great place to visit on a free day.

    While the entire country knows about the super crowded Sarojini Market in INA, this is a breath of fresh air and has been in Delhi but as a lesser known place.

    This place is in Chanakyapuri and you can get down from Lok Kalyan Marg which is the nearest metro station.

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    Bhardwaj Lake Asola

    bjhardwaj lake in asola

    Image Courtesy: Tripoto

    Did you know that Yamuna is not the only water body in Delhi? The capital city has more than 5 lakes and this is one in the southern end of the city which has become a well-known place after young students made it their hangout place. But to the people who aren’t from Delhi, this place is still either not known or lesser known.

    This place is a little far from the main city but I’m sure you’d not regret visiting it at least once in life. The nearest metro station is Badarpur and this lake is in Asola WildLife Sanctuary.

    I know you too are already excited and must have picked your favourite from the five places above. So, next time you get time, please do drop by these places and let us know how you liked them. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more updates on travel and much more.

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