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Love Straightening Your Hair? You Will Stop Doing It After Reading This!

A lot of women love straightening their hair! Straight hair look beautiful and are more manageable. However, did you know about its disadvantges? Read...
Published -29 Nov 2018, 15:22 ISTUpdated -29 Nov 2018, 15:49 IST
hair straightening disadvantages

Everyone longs to move beyond their shabby and mismanaged hair. Besides hair care routines, many tend to change their hairstyles and straightening comes across as a fuss-free option. All you need to do is, pick up a flat iron and get on it. Many chemical relaxants can also come into play. However, all these procedures tend to harm your hair in the longer run. Not only are your hair strands robbed off their outer layer but your scalp also becomes itchy. So just in case you are looking forward to a makeover and get done with your hair conundrums, maybe straightening is not the most viable option.

Chemically Loaded Products Can Cause Allergy

disadvantages of hair straightening

It’s no new information that most of the hair care products have side effects in the longer run. Hair straightening products can cause a severe allergy if they don’t suit you. Therefore make sure that you research your brands well. You need to ensure that whichever product you plan to use, they should be chemical free and should suit your hair type.

Hair Straightening Can Make Your Hair Dry

What keeps your hair hydrated and silky is their natural oil. So, when you overuse those flat irons and chemical products, they rob your hair of their oil, making hair strands dry. It can lead to decreasing of hair’s elasticity, eventually breakage. Therefore we suggest, if you are in a practice of using electrical appliances daily, maybe use them in a days gap, that too with a controlled temperature.

Caution – Never use a flat iron on your wet hair, the heat will burn your manes down.

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Overuse Can Lead To Dull Hair 

disadvantages of hair straightening

As discussed, overuse of flat iron or any other heating agent can rob your hair of their oil. It is to be noted that the oils forming an outer coating around your hair strands and oil scalp ensure the shine, but heat can lead to hair dryness which further leads to dullness.

You Can Lose Your Hair

Straightening your hair can lead to an uncompromised damage. Given the fact that a lot of heat is involved, it leads to drying of the natural oil which protects your scalp. Not only does it make your scalp dry but itchy too. Which is followed by the weakening of the hair follicles. Once dry, hair breakage and hair loss is a common issue that women have to deal with. If you love straightening your hair then make sure you don't do it too often as it can damage your hair really badly.

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