Your hair defines your style and also shows how healthy you are. You tie it, wash it, comb it, oil it, pull at it, flick it, bury your head in it, style it, roll it, straighten it and have your way with it in so many ways. Then the winter season approaches and you start experiencing those first flakes of dandruff with hairfall of epic proportions and all hell breaks loose! So now is the right time to ask this question. Is your hair ready to face the harsh winter cold? Well, fret not as we give you all the hair care tips so that you can maintain your beautiful locks throughout the season.

Ditch Bad Habits

bad hair

Sometimes we don’t realise but there are certain practices that damage hair very badly. Combing the hair when it’s damp, making a tight bun, rubbing hair with a towel, washing the hair too often or just using the hairdryer on a high heat setting. Also, just drink hot water but don’t wash your hair with it. No matter how cold the weather, always use cold to lukewarm water to wash your delicate locks. These practices damage your hair all throughout the year but cause greater damage during the winter season.

Condition With Care

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If the damage has been done, then you can try homemade conditioners for soft hair such as coconut oil with honey, banana+honey+egg mask, curd+egg mask, coconut milk mask, egg+olive oil mask etc. While an Olive Oil massage works wonders for your hair, you can also opt for Castor Oil conditioning to lock in the moisture that the winter winds take away. In fact, there are many benefits of castor oil not just for hair but also for your skin due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Go Snippety Snip

Get your hair trimmed to avoid seeing those split ends as the winter can make your hair brittle and frizzy. If you are up for it, go for shorter hairstyles that are easy to maintain.

Take Cover

take cover

Keep your hair covered in a snug hat or scarf tied not too tightly to save it from pollution, cold air, dust and any other factor that can damage your hair.

Eat Well And Drink Up

Applying a lot of stuff on your scalp and hair but still combating hairfall and dandruff? Look at what’s on your plate then dear! If you are not eating your vitamins, proteins and trace minerals while keeping your body hydrated at all times, be prepared to have a bad hair day all through winter. 

Caring for your hair in the winter season is not rocket science. You just have to follow these basic hair care tips to have shiny, smooth, silky, soft hair all through the season.

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