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    Here’s Why Koreans Don't Swear By Retinol

    We are here to tell you why retinol is not as sworn by a skincare ingredient worldwide as we think it is. While a big chunk of the beauty universe swears by retinol, the Korean section of the beauty industry doesn’t like it as much. Read on to kno...
    Updated at - 2023-03-03,16:48 IST

    Korean beauty is touted as a hallmark in the skincare world and we’re here to tell you that they say no to retinol. Yes, you heard that right. The Korean skincare gurus have declared retinol to be a big no-no when it comes to skincare ingredients. Retinol is a widely propagated skincare ingredient by all the beauty industry biggies. But, the Korean skincare enthusiasts give it a skip.retinol

    Why doesn’t retinol find a spot in the K-beauty closet? 

    There is a good reason as to why retinol isn’t found anywhere in Korean skincare. It is due to the fact that retinol is an extremely active ingredient in skincare which is popular across the globe to combat skin issues. But it is much less popular in Korea because Koreans prefer to avoid the side effects that come along with it such as dry and irritated skin.

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    What do Koreans use instead of retinol then?retinol

    Koreans, who are the owners of skin that is oh-so-envy worthy throughout the globe, are practically doing something right to be able to attain that cult status. So what the Koreans actually use in place of retinol is red ginseng, which is a natural herb sourced skincare ingredient that does the job for them pretty well. Retinol serves an age reversing purpose, Koreans use ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants instead.

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    The Go-to Retinol Free K-beauty regimen you should try:

    So now that we know that the Koreans have steered clear of retinol in all ways possible. We will walk you through a regimen that the K-beauty universe adopts and practices, and that does equally well for them. The routine is a simple five step one that includes a gel cleanser, an enriching toner, an essential serum, an excellent essence, an emulsion, a moisturiser and last but not the least an SPF. 


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