5 K-Beauty Trends To Try In 2023

Korean beauty is currently the talk of the town. And here are a bunch of K-beauty trends that’ll take you through 2023.

Shreya Choudhuri
k beauty

The world is going gaga over Korean beauty and attaining the perfect glistening glass skin. But there is more to K beauty than just skincare. They’ve got a whole bunch of makeup trends that are topping the popularity charts in the beauty industry.

South Korea is the forever frontrunner for crazy viral and extremely popular beauty and makeup trends. Last year was the season for the world going gaga over unique and one-of-a-kind makeup looks with trends like marvelous mauve lips, OG Y2K makeup, and bold idol lashes taking centre stage.

Come 2023, we have a fresh bunch of trends to tread and ace. We will witness some interesting and oh so fresh Korean makeup trends that will leave many makeup artists and enthusiasts impressed alike.

We’ve got just the right beauty treat for all you makeup lovers. Here is a bunch of five makeup trends that will rule 2023 and how.

The Eye Makeup From the Future Lookeyemakeup

Imagine it is 2050 and you’re the OG glam Goddess. Yes, we are going for that look. Imported right from the future and bright like it, this makeup trend has all shades shiny and bright that lifts the spirits. This will be a sure hit in 2023. The look is inspired by the newbie in town, the metaverse and includes an experimental and celestial makeup that looks out of the world. For this euphoric look, we can go for pearl-like skin, reverse neon eyeliner, a statement bold lip, metallic-inspired eyeshadow completed with encrusted studded eyes.

The Caramel Blush Lookblush

The caramel lip colours were all the rage last year, and now caramel blushes are set to take centre stage this year. A fresh flush of caramel blush on the cheeks to give you a sunkissed glow and make your skin look naturally glowing. Go for a light brown or bronzed blush with a warm undertone and a matte finish to rock the look.

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Juicy Plum Lipslips

Plump and juicy lips are here to stay this eason. The year 2023 will be featuring our lips looking very healthy, nourished, and ultra-glossy. We are going for a tinted and natural look. To attain this look dap your lips with a lip tint and top it up with a gloss. Voila!

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Feather like Natural Browsfeather brow

This year is an ode to embracing your natural looks. So chuck the stiff and straight brows and go for natural and feathery brows that look va va voom.

To get the look use your fav brow mascara, swipe away to enhance your natural brows and get out of the door in style.

Oh So Clumpy Lashesmascara

This season we are going for the clumpy spider lashes. So load up that mascara and make your lashes reach up to the skies and look like they have got botox. That’s in trend in 2023.

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