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    What Is A Bronzer And Why It Needs To Be In Your Beauty Closet?

    The bronzer is one makeup product which is trending a lot these days but why? Read on to know all about it. 
    Updated at - 2021-02-01,16:39 IST
    bronzer makeup how to use

    There are so many makeup products avaialble in the market and knowing about all of them is not really possible. Also, we witness new makeup techniques taking over every now and then, and everytime it calls for a little upgrade of our beauty closets. 

    So many of you might be wondering what is bronzing all about and why so much hype! Years ago, the purpose of a bronzer was to add some glitter to your face but not anymore. 

    Let's quickly take you through the basics and then we have a quick bronzing guide for you. 

    What Is A Bronzer?

    Bronzer is a makeup product which helps you create a natural warmth on your face. It makes your skin look sunkissed. The product gives your face a natural glow, like a natural tanning effect without leaving any shadows on your face. Bronzers are typically avaialble in shades like gold or brown. 

    Where Is A Bronzer Used?

    bronzer where to apply

    Bronzers can be used on cheekbones, jawlines and brows. The bronzing technique works best on days when you are going for a contour as it further highlights the sharp points of your face. The product can be used to create both a natural, subtle look or a heavy evening look. 

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    When Is The Best Time To Wear A Bronzer?

    The key purpose of the product is to create a sun-kissed, sun-tanned glow on the face and this makes it a good choice for the summer months. It gives your face a naturally summery look. However, it can be used all the year-round for that glowy look. 

    How To Buy A Bronzer?

    bronzer how to buy

    You won't really find a lot of variety in terms of colour when going to buy a bronzer so it would be a quick buy. However, when choosing the product, make sure you consider your usage. If you wish to use a bronzer in place of your regular contour to shape your cheekbones then go for a matte bronzer. For a regular, everyday sun-kissed look, a glitter bronzer will be a good pick. Also, bronzers are available in both powder and liquid forms and can be picked as per your preference or skin type. 

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    How To Use A Bronzer?

    using a bronzer

    Take a makeup brush and tap in your bronzer palette. Sweep the brush across your cheekbones and all other areas you wish to highlight like your forehead or temples. Using some bronzer along your jawline will also help you give it some definition. Make sure you keep blending it well because you don't want those harsh lines to appear after some time. Blending is the key to a smooth and soft finish. Make sure you don't overdo using the bronzer or you can end up looking like a disaster. 

    Using a wide, fluffy powder brush with a round top is the best brush to use a bronzer on your face. Your brush shouldn't be too small or too big. Do check the smoothness of the bristles as a stiff brush can lead to the formation of lines on your face. 

    Using some bronzer on your face instantly lifts your face, adds a beautiful glow to it on days when your skin needs a little pick-me-up. We hope this guide helped you know all about the bronzer and its application. For more such beauty related stories, stay tuned! 


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