Hairbrushes are vital in our daily life. We do not step out of the house without combing our hair. Tangled hair looks really bad to put an assessment on an individual. 

Out there, we have a variety of commodities in the world to make use of. For our hair, we need to take care of the nourishment, inside out. For inner nourishment, doctors suggest healthy food intake while for the outside, we can test and try about a million things. 

There is a variety of combs available in the market, but which one is one of your hair types? Let’s dig a little deeper and know which one suits your hair type the best!

Wide-Tooth Comb

It is widely said that curly hair shouldn’t be brushed at all but you could surely use wide-tooth combs that have thick teeth with spacing between them. The strong bristles can cut down on detangling time and help distribute the oh-so-important products that curly girls hold. 

They can be very useful on thick or curly hair when wet. And if you find that the brush snags on your hair, simply remove one row of bristles.

Hair Detangler Brush

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Detangler brushes are good for all hair types and can be used on both wet and dry hair. They minimize damage from brushing knotted hair, and their thin flexible bristles make it easier to painlessly get knots out of kids’ hair.

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Anti-Static Hairbrush

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The brush basically takes the old-school hack of dryer sheets, which have positively charged ingredients to kill static, and implements it into a brush. It comes with a fabric layer coated with a conditioning formula that, like dryer sheets, are released by heat and movement.

When gently rubbed over your hair, they bond loosely to its negatively charged surface, neutralizing the charge and acting as a lubricant to smooth static and frizzy hair. The material is placed between the bristles and can be very easily removed and replaced by popping open the frame of the brush. 

Paddle Brush

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A paddle brush is a large, flat, and wide hairbrush with an air-filled cushion and has plastic bristles. It helps bend and move to the contours of your head. It's this flexibility that means it's perfect for detangling and smoothing out hair.

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Curved Brush

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The curve of its brush head that is contoured is precisely meant for the shape of your head. It offers more coverage and provides a better pull. The pointed tip of some curved brushes also isolates your hair crown. And that could mean you’ll have less time needed brushing as well waiting for the result.

They are best for wavy hair!

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