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    Tips To Remember While Dying Your Hair For The First Time

    Dyeing your hair at home can be hard but worry not because we have all the tips and tricks you need.
    • Neha Pande
    • Editorial
    Published -21 Oct 2021, 13:11 ISTUpdated -21 Oct 2021, 13:39 IST
    tips for dyeing hair at home

    Dyed hair look absolutly stunning; dyed hair give you a pop of colour giving a glow to your skin; they are like a representation of your style and you can always let your creative side peak through the colour of your hair. The best part about getting your hair dyed is the process since all you have to do is tell the stylist what you want and lean back letting the stylist work his or her magic but; it is a completely different story if you do it all on your own. Dyeing your hair on your own is definitely cheap but if you don't know how to do it properly then it might not turn out the way you wanted it to. 

    We don't want your teal turning to green or pink turning orange therefore we have a list of tips and tricks you need to know before dyeing your hair especially if your hair are virgin hair i.e. they have never been dyed or went through any process where chemichals had to be used. You can always ask your friend or someone from your family to help; do not hesitate to ask because it might make a huge difference. 

    Know Your Hair

    Know your hair

    You need to know your hair and your hair type before you dye your hair. Hair types can be broadly divided into three i.e. wavy, curly and straight though they do contain subtypes within them. Also you need to take your hair's thickness and density into consideration. 

    Dark Indian hair take more time to lighten than lighter finer hair and curly hair are thicker than normal hair. Also bleaching your hair more then 2 times can ruin your hair's integrity so try to use alternatives like a 40 Volume toner to achieve your goal. 

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    Know Your Skin Tone

    Know your skin tone

    It is important to understand your skin tone before you delve into what colour you want and what style you want them in. Skin tones can vary from warm to cool tones and in that you have a varied shade range of combination skin tone where some might have more cool tone than warm and some might have more warm than cool. 

    Cool tone and lighter skin can easily pull of blues, purples, inky blacks etc. Warm tones and darker skin looks absolutely decadent in warm chocolate brown hair, honeycomb blondes, ashy brown etc. You must understand what haircolour is best for which skintone; the wrong colour on the wrong skin is quite awful.

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    Know What You Really Want

    Know what you really want

    Now that you know your skin tone and hair type you can finally decide what you want. It's important to keep realistic goal and keep a backup idea in mind. For example if you want to go from black hair to blonde then try to bleah your hair twice and make sure to do it in gaps i.e blach your hair in a day gap then tone them with a toner for optimal results but if that does not work out then you need to have a plan B ready. You can always re-dye your hair a different colour or wait a few days then try to tone it again. 

    Knowing what you want will streamline your thought process and make everything come together in the end. Do your research before you try anything and watch a video of a specialist online. 

    Section Your Hair

     how to section your hair

    While dyeing your hair make sure to section it! Sections are extremely important be it bleaching your hair or dyeing them. These sections help you get each tiny strand of your hair and get it dyed evenly. Even while you bleach you need to bleach your hair evenly in sections because that will get the bleach even and will also make sure your hair does not have spotting all over it. Also while bleaching just remember that the roots bleach faster given the heat our scalp produces so it's best to blach your roots last as they process the fastest. While dyeing you can section them in 4 sections but while bleaching you have to take smaller section for even distribution of bleach on your hair. You can use pins, clips or rubberbands to keep your hair neatly sectioned.

    Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more articles like so and dont worry; even if you mess up a bit remember that it is hair and it will grow back. Own the look and make it your own! 

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