Thick and wavy hair is a blessing but managing it is no joke. It is extremely temperamental and dries out when not taken proper care of. When it comes to oiling and conditioning our hair, the right type of oil and ingredients is very important, something many ignore. All ingredients do not suit our wavy hair and in fact if you think that carrier oils make our hair greasy then you are highly mistaken. Our mane becomes greasy only when it is not washed out properly and the right type of shampoo is also necessary. If you have coarse hair which is nearly curly but not as curly, also called type 3 hair, then this list of hair oils is just for you. I have tried these oils and it took me a while to understand how they work. So here you go:

Coconut Oil 

coconut oil wavy hair

Although this hair oil is good for all hair types, it is a blessing for wavy hair. It is a rich source of vitamin E essential which helps in hydrating dry hair. Therefore it acts as an anti-humectant. Use coconut oil once a week as a deep conditioner or just before you shampoo your hair.  Take 3 tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil and heat it for 30 seconds like hot oil treatment. Apply it from the scalp to the roots and cover with a hot towel or a shower cap. Let it sit for an hour and rinse it off thoroughly with a good effective shampoo. 

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Rose Oil

rose oil wavy hair

This oil is perfect when used just on the scalp. It is a luxurious oil which moisturises the dry scalp and is extremely helpful if you have dandruff, itchy scalp and inflamed pores. Rose oil is also used in aromatherapy for its calming effect. So, just take a few drops of it and apply it directly or add it to your shampoo. You can either buy it online or make your own at home. Use it once a week.

Almond Oil 

almond oil wavy hair

Almonds are well known as superfoods which are great for the body as well as hair. Get your hands on a good quality sweet almond oil which is lightweight and excellent for wavy hair. However, don’t use it as a hydrator but utilise it as a sealant instead. It is more like a leave-in hair oil which should be applied post-shampoo. But one would suggest its use when you are at home and not stepping out the very day. It is a light oil so it will not make your hair look greasy but will give it a shine. Massage it lightly on the scalp so that it makes your hair follicles healthy and strengthens your hair strands. 

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Argan Oil

argan oil wavy hair

Argan oil has vitamin E and F and is well known for protecting your hair from  UV rays. But it is a very versatile oil. It is very effective in calming down the frizz and increases shine when used in your daily regimen. The catch though is that it makes the hair smooth, breaking the waves when you use hair styling tools and that also includes a hairdryer. So it is advisable to use on your hair ends. To avoid hair flattening let your hair air dry. 

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