The best way to repair and treat your hair well is to take care of it according to the problems it faces. For example, oily hair attracts more dirt and pollutants and that is why it needs to be washed frequently. Similarly, depending on the types of issue your hair has you must customize your hair care plan and keep in mind the following tips.

Use A Mild Shampoo

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One of the key ways to get great hair is to start using herbal shampoo for your hair, herbal shampoos are light and natural. For long hair, you can go with 1 teaspoon whereas for shorter lengths you can use half of it after diluting it nicely with water as the idea is to be using the lesser quantity of the product.  Further, you may also use a lemon water rinse to keep your hair protected. 

You must not brush the hair too much, as that stimulates the oil glands,  making the hair oilier.  You can use egg white for extra care, just apply it for 15 minutes before shampoo to help reduce oiliness.  Also, avoid extensive oil applications and creamy conditioners if your hair is oily and use a hair rinse to make your health optimal. 

Switch To A Healthy Lifestyle

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Try eating healthy and nutritious fresh fruits, salads, curd, and sprouts while skipping fried and inflammatory foods, and make sure you drink a lot of water. Drink lemon juice every morning as soon as you wake.

Use Clean Brushes

Clean your brushes and combs weekly by using soap and water along with an antiseptic solution. Finally, rinse them with warm water. Also, minimize the use of brushes and combs and start using wide-toothed combs that are smooth. The dryness of the hair makes them weak and therefore the hair breaks off easily.  

Try Castor Oil

hair care tips shanaz husain

If your hair becomes too dry, you can mix one part castor oil with two parts coconut oil and apply it over your hair and scalp nicely, covering the entire region. However, you should avoid very vigorously massaging as the hair will break off because of this. It is also important to remember to condition your hair regularly.

Get A Hair Spa Done

From head massage to steam, stimulation of follicles to the application of hair packs, and also deep conditioning, hair spas are a perfect treatment solution. This treatment must be done regularly in a salon or a spa and you can avail of protein packs for dull and damaged hair. 

Heat Treatment At Home

Every once in a week you can heat coconut oil and massage it over the scalp with gentle circular movements and use of only the fingertips, this makes the blood circulation in the scalp better and your hair healthier.  After this you can steam your hair by dipping a towel in hot water and wrapping it around your hair for about 5 minutes, repeat the process 4 times and keep the oil overnight before washing your hair the next day. 

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Importance of A Creamy Conditioner

hair care tips shanaz husain

 After shampoo, apply a creamy conditioner, taking a small quantity, massage it lightly into the hair. Leave on for 2 minutes and rinse off with plain water. Or, you can apply a “leave-on” type of conditioner or hair serum. Apply the same way, but do not rinse of taking care of coloured hair is also a difficult task as the chemicals and colours deplete the moisture from the hair and turn it dry and brittle.

hair care tips shanaz husain

In these cases, you should try the hot oil therapy more frequently and wash your hair carefully with the instructions given above. Not only that but, you should avoid rubbing your towel on the hair too instead just wrap it around your head for it to soak the water after shampoo. Lastly, avoid blow dryers and let your hair dry naturally.

You can fight your way back to beautiful hair by trying the above-given tips and by avoiding too many chemicals, bad habits and other things that we tend to do wrong that messes up our hair. 

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Shahnaz Husain is an industry-leading beauty expert along with being the chairperson of The Shahnaz Husain Group. For more such expert tips from her stay tuned to Her Zindagi.