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5 Times Sabyasachi’s Favourite Supermodel Eugeniya Belousova Inspired Us To Go Raw And Unfiltered

On the cover of the magazines, Eugeniya Belousova is perfection personified. When the cameras are off, she embraces her real self!
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -18 Jan 2022, 11:05 ISTUpdated -18 Jan 2022, 11:47 IST
eugeniya belousova unfiltered

More often than not, she is seen on the cover of the magazines and posters all decked up in ethnic attires. She is famed for being the face of ace fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s brand. You guessed it right! It is Eugeniya Belousova that we are talking about. 

We all have seen her strutting and posing in floor-sweeping Indian bridal outfits. We all have seen her draped those elegant lehengas. Well, one might expect her to be the same when the cameras aren’t on her, all poised and glammed up. To our surprise, the supermodel’s real life is to take inspiration from. Pictures from her gram show that she goes all natural when the professional cameras aren’t on her. Here are the 5 times she inspired all the ladies to go raw and unfiltered

Out in the streets

Out In The Streets

When you step out into the streets, do you always feel that internal nudge to put on that little eyeliner or maybe a lip tint? Well, to be honest, most of us do. Eugeniya’s pictures are proof that all you need to carry with yourself while stepping out is your confidence. Your confidence is all you will need to look extraordinary and not the layers of makeup. 

Cozy and comfortable

All Cozy And Comfortable 

While some of us like to remain all prim and proper even at all times. Eugeniya is someone to let loose her messy hair, put on a cute little dress and wear her charming smile to float through the day. Her Instagram suggests that in real life she keeps things easy going. She also happens to present her real and unfiltered version of herself to the world rather than her perfect and unflawed self. The best part about Eugeniya is that she doesn’t make an attempt to hide her flaws, rather she flaunts them with confidence and sass.

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In the midst of nature

In The Midst Of Nature

The supermodel is all about living life to its fullest. While she steps out to have a good time in the midst of nature, never is she spotted with her makeup on. She goes as natural as can be. Even without the layers of makeup, she manages to look as pretty as a picture.  

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Posing With Dog

Being All Playful With Her Dog

We all love to pose with our furballs cause they are just so adorable! Even the supermodel Eugeniya does, she loves to pose around with pets. While she does that, she never bothers to care about how to make the picture look perfect. All she cares about is to be fun and playful with the pet and then her picture says it all for her!

Taking a selfie

When Taking A Selfie

We all struggle to take that perfect selfie where the camera doesn’t capture the dark spots and blemishes of our faces. Well, the supermodel Eugeniya Belousova is here to teach all of us a lesson. It’s alright to have flaws and nobody needs to hide them anymore, not even the supermodels. So next time, before taking thousands of selfies so as to get that perfect picture, remind yourself that it is okay to show your flaws.

We are all praises for the supermodel for trying to normalise the fact that it’s alright to have flaws and that even celebrities have some. If you wish to talk with us about any of your favourite celebrities who look stunning without makeup, do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

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