We all love fragrance, especially if it is natural and not artificial. The strong odour can clear our minds, make us feel energetic, relaxed or sometimes in paradise. But when it comes strong fragrant oils that are derived from plants, called essential oils, one needs to be extremely careful about what they are putting their money into. 

Other than making you smell better; essential oil has many other significant purposes and that’s why they are not called perfumes. Their primary task is to ease stress, boost mood, make a person get a better night's sleep, relieve pain from headaches and migraines, etc. If you want are about to invest in a quality essential-oil too, mind these factors! 

Check The Bottle

Check The Bottle 

Never buy your essential oil in plastic or any other bottles. Under all the circumstances, it has to be in a glass bottle. The second important factor to check the authenticity of the bottle is its colour, you must check for cobalt blue or an amber-brown glass bottle. These oils are not packed in plastics because they are likely to break down plastic and may lose their goodness, as they are sensitive to light. 

Latin Name Is Significant

The bottle of the essential oil must have a label with the common and the Latin name of the plant that has been used to make the oil. Other than this, to further clear your doubts, also check if the label also has details about what plant parts were used to make the oil and, how it was extracted. However, at times people prefer buying not the 100 per cent pure essential oil, but one that comes with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba oil to use for different purposes. 

Latin Name Is Significant

Which One Is Not An Essential Oil 

Every fragrant oil that comes in a small glass bottle is not the essential oil. If you read a label that says ‘fragrance oil’ this means that it is not an essential oil but, simply a good smelling oil. Some plants aren’t capable of yielding an essential oil. But the similar smelling oil may say something like violet oil. These are not be mistaken with essential oil (here’s why Geranium essential oil Is a must-have). 


You never want to buy an item that is oxidised. These mostly happen with fake essential oil, as the original one may last for a very long time. The impure one, on the other hand eventually go bad due to oxidation. If experts are to be believed, this is unavoidable unless you could somehow store them in an oxygen-free atmosphere. And this we all know is nearly impossible. That’s why check the date of manufacture of the essential oil before buying them. 

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Cost Of Essential Oil 

Cost Of Essential Oil

There are a couple of factors on which the cost of essential oil may depend. However, one thing is for sure, they are slightly expensive as a single plant will only give a small amount of essential oil. But, when determining you won budget, research these points and you might find something that your favourite and budget-friendly (tips to save money on makeup)! 

  • Cultivation process
  • Availability of the right plant
  • Harvesting
  • Methods for deriving the oil

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