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You Should Skip These Rituals After Being Freshly Waxed!

Post-waxing care is vital to save you from any side effects that could ruin a perfect waxing job.
Published -17 Mar 2022, 08:00 ISTUpdated -16 Mar 2022, 16:43 IST
things to avoid after waxing

Waxing is unquestionably an essential chore for us women. It is something we need to get done every month or two, depending on the hair growth of the individual. 

Many rituals must be avoided at all costs, letting your skin retain its properties. Here’s a list of things that should be said no to! 

Skip On Hot Baths 

hot bath

There's nothing like a bath when you need to relax (goodbye muscle tension), but it's best to steer clear for 24 hours after your wax appointment. The heat will aggravate any post-wax irritation and redness, it will dry out your skin and open up your pores (a shortcut to ingrown hairs).

No Tanning 

sun exposure

Make sure to wait at least 48 hours before sun exposure if you don't want to run the risk of burns and scarring. Freshly waxed skin is very sensitive, and its outer protective layer has been stripped; therefore, sun exposure, in this case, could be more damaging than usual. 

Your skin might also develop hyperpigmentation in the waxed area if you expose yourself to the sun without any protection, which brings us to a very common reminder: wear sunscreen at all times. You can choose a light one after waxing if you'll be out in the sun at all after waxing.

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Avoid Going To The Gym 

working out

Not doing any exercise at all just because you've just waxed may sound extreme, but it is just a preventive measure. Sweat (and the bacteria that can thrive in sweaty skin), as well as friction, might cause more damage than good on your sensitized skin, so why take the chance? If you do work out, keep it light. Avoid sex for at least 48 hours after intimate waxing as well.

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Avoid Scratching Yourself 


The natural oils on the skin can clog the pores, and the bacteria that are normally on your skin might increase the risk of infection. Resist the temptation to scratch or touch waxed areas if you want to avoid bumps or other adverse reactions.

If you notice ingrown hairs after waxing, leave them alone for at least 48 hours, then exfoliate the waxed area gently, focusing on the ingrown. Afterward, you can apply an antiseptic cream. If exfoliation does not remove the ingrown, try a special ingrown hair lotion.

Avoid Using Deodrants Or Perfumes 


Post waxing, your hair follicles open up, leaving your skin vulnerable to infections. This is exactly why you should avoid using deodorants or perfumes. 

Applying a deodorant or perfume can irritate, making your skin sore from the applied area. It is ideal to avoid deodorants or perfumes for about 24 hours post waxing. 

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