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Hair Styling Tools For Curly Hair!

Take a look at the styling products that you need for those curly locks right away!
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -11 Jun 2022, 15:44 ISTUpdated -11 Jun 2022, 16:03 IST
hair styling tools for curly hair

Anyone with naturally curly hair must have the right hair styling products. The difference between hating and appreciating your natural curls comes down to your hair care routine and the way you style your hair. Finding the right hair styling products that are well-suited for your hair type makes it much easier to get the desired hairstyles while keeping your hair lustrous and healthy.

Hair Curling Wand

hand curlinng rod

When your curls lack definition, the curling stick will come to your rescue. To get well-defined curls, wrap small sections of your hair around the small 10mm barrel. As you work your way through each section of hair, a voluminous, dramatic effect will form. Give every curl the care it deserves. 

Some hair curlers come with a heat resistant glove to let you curl with utmost comfort. You may choose the temperature between 120oC and 210oC to suit your hair type. The ceramic heated curl stick is loaded with our ultra smooth oils to ensure extremely smooth and lustrous hair. Give your curls a little more oomph with this styling tool.


Hand straightener

Straight, smooth hair makes a big statement, and it's absolutely attainable with a little work (and a lot of patience!). You can get curly to super straight hair in no time, depending on how tight your curls are.

Curly hair is typically dry and prone to damage, so straightening your strands requires a bit of caution. A hair straightener is something every girl with curly or wavy hair must have.These are ideal for short and medium hair.

Perm Rods

Perm rods, often known as spiral perm rods, are horizontal hair-curling tools. These famous rollers were used to hold hair in place during chemical perm treatments. They've taken on their own life and have become a natural hair staple. These are ideal for short and medium hair.

Detangling Hair Brush

If you're styling your hair with a curl crème, a brush like this will help control flyaway curls. This brush's wide bristles and distinctive shape will aid to circulate oils throughout your hair, eliminating greasiness at the roots and dryness at the ends.

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Other Pre-Styling Products

Hand-Held Hair Steamer: Steam momentarily opens the cuticle of the hair strand, enabling moisture to penetrate. Hair can be ready  to untangle, stretch, reshape, and restyle when it is soft, warm, and moisturised.

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Hair styling spray

Refreshing And Styling Spray: These styling sprays are known to moisturise hair quickly and redefine curls. It is also known to enhance shine and minimise frizziness of hair.

Curly Hair Conditioner: Choose a sulphate and paraben-free conditioner that moisturises your hair, nourishes your curls, and protects against damage caused by pollution and heat styling. A few conditioners form a thin covering around the cuticle of your hair and helps to minimise frizz.

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