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    Birthday Special: Sonam Kapoor Gives Makeup, Skincare Tutorial You Can Easily Do At Home

    She is well known for her fashion choices and the makeup tutorial she has shared is proof that she is not dependent on makeup artists.
    Updated at - 2020-06-09,10:27 IST
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    Actress Sonam Kapoor, who turned 35 on June 9, looks amazing all the time, is well known for her fashion quotient. But thanks to the birthday girl, getting those perfect makeup looks done wherever she has travelled, she has had the fortune to be worked on by the best of makeup artistes in the world as well. Don't worry, Sonam shared her skincare routine and makeup tutorial which she called the "90s Bollywood Beauty", (however, I think we still do it), on Vogue's YouTube channel and I just could not keep calm! How can we not share it with our readers? So bring in your green tea and read on. 

    She, first of all, gave credit to the ace makeup artiste of Bollywood, Mickey contractor who taught her some neat makeup. And then it all began with her everyday Skincare Routine.

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    Step 1: Pat in some vitamin C serum all over the face and neck. Buy Khadi Mauri Herbal Vitamin C Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Witch Hazel and Chamomile, Anti Ageing and Acne, 30 ml for Rs 415, here.

    Step 2: Moisturise, hydrate your face and do not miss a single spot under the eyes.

    Step 3: Sunblock is a must. Pat it in all over the face and neck, especially on the forehead and nose. Sonam does not miss it because of her age spots and also, not to neglect the neck as I shared with you that our neck reflects our age.  Buy Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 for Rs 206, here.

    Step 4: For the lips, use coconut oil. Sonam uses the same sometimes on her eyebrows and eyelids as well. 

    Make-up Routine

    Colour Corrector: Since Sonam has "horrible dark circles", she uses orange colour corrector. 

    Concealer: Pat in the right concealer as per your skin tone.

    Foundation: Using your middle finger, apply the foundation in dots all over the face and blend in.

    Setting powder: This is her next step but Sonam suggests that "before applying the powder, blend in whatever lines show on your face", which Sonam says she has after she hit 30. Buy Lakme Rose Face Powder, Soft Pink, 40g for Rs 126, here.

    "Use the powder under and around your eyes, near your nose. Also on the forehead. I like using pink powders as well."

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    Eyes: Fill in your kajal on the waterline. She also uses a powder for contouring which also uses for smudging and creating that smokey eyes look.


    Colour Base: She uses a colour base to highlight the lids and the brow bone. 

    blush sonam

    Blush: "I love blushes! I love using it and rub it all over my cheeks as it brightens up my face," said Sonam.

    blush application

    Bronzer: Just on the cheeks but not much as her face is small. "But since the face becomes flat after foundation, you have to give your face a shape." Use a blender in the end and blend in all the makeup to blur out the lines.

    Highlighter: Brush a little on your brow bone, nose and cupid's bow.

    eyelash curler

    Eyelash Curler & Mascara: This opens up your eyes and livens up the face.

    lip liner lipstick

    Lip Liner & Lipstick: Give an outline to your lips and then fill in with the lipstick you desire but Sonam here shared that she loves a red lip so she went for the particular hue.

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    Few More Tips By Sonam 

    • Drink a lot of water.
    • Avoid sugar.
    • Eat greens and have green juices.

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