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    Apply Almond Oil To Get Rid Of Those Annoying Dark Circles Like This

    Here is the right way to use almond oil to treat those dark circles under your eyes.
    Updated at - 2021-03-10,07:50 IST
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    Dark circles and our lifestyle today go hand in hand. Over working, not getting proper sleep or diet for that matter is very damaging. How tired you are, your dark circles are in your face proof. There are umpteen eye creams and gels to take care of them but if you are looking for atural remedies or something simple and not complicated at all, then you must try almond oil. 

    It is advised that you use a good quality oil which is cold pressed and it would be best if it is organic. 

    How To Use It?


    First wash your hands, face with a gentle cleanser and then take a small amount of the oil and using ur middle finger pad, massage it under your eyes. This helps in increasing your blood circulation. You can also apply it and let the oil works overnight and then wash it away in the morning when you do your morning skincare routine. 

    For best results, do this every day for a few weeks and the circles will be long gone. This comes in handy especially if you are mixing it up with other home remedies. 

    Combining With Other Remedies

    Honey Mixture


    you can combine the oil with a teaspoon of honey by adding 4-5 drops of the oil to it. This is helpful as the honey has anti-inflammatory effects. Massage it in and keep it overnight. It is best to use organic honey which is raw and not processed to use the natural qualities. However, the catch here is that if you are one of those who moves a lot in her sleep then it will rub off on your pillow case or sheet. It may also get a bit sticky and it gets worse if it sticks to your hair. 

    Avocado Mix

    If you are okay with the oil and oil combination then mix the avocado oil with it. How is it helpful? The avocado oil has a number of nutrients which are excellent for your skin. It also contains vitamin E. This oil is handy in wound healing as well. To make this mix, add 4-5 drops of almond oil to 2 drops of avocado oil and apply it on your dark circles. Keep it overnight and wash it off in the mornning. 


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    It takes time for these remedies to work as all natural remedies do. Almond oil helps in reducing the puffiness and makes your eyes look lighter over the days. It is an excellent emolient and helps in improving the skin tone. Many use the oil for clearing the strech marks as well. 

    Side Effects

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    If you are allergic to nut oil then you may want to avoid using it. But do not over treat the area even if it suits you. Also, it should never be consumed orally. Many people face gastrointestinal issues which tends to lead to weight gain and an overdose of vitamin E is not good either. It is better to have soaked almonds every day.

    Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such nuskhas which works wonders for many. Do not forget to do a patch test to see if the oil suits your skin or not. Give it a day. If a;; goes well, it may be great for you.


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