Leading Beauty Expert Shahnaz Husain Talks About Skin Care In The New Year

Take some really helpful cues for skin care in the new year from beauty expert Shanaz Husain.

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Healthy skin is one of the main foundations of beauty. Skin health begins

with physical fitness. You cannot make a good painting on a canvas of cheap and bad quality. Therefore, you must understand that good health and physical fitness are imperative for flawless skin and once you have a sound body and mind, your skin automatically glows.

Importance Of A Balanced Diet

Shahnaz skin care

Skin health is entirely dependant on the kind of nutrition the body is receiving. The better the nourishment of the body the will be the skin. And for the best way to do that is to consume a balanced diet regularly. A balanced diet is a balance of all the nutrients required by the body.    From fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, unprocessed and unrefined cereals, yogurt, cottage cheese, dals, fish, etc. Further, it is also highly necessary to have at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Apart from that, freshly extracted juices of fruits and vegetables also work wonders if you take them regularly they dissolve the toxins in the body and then provide a boost in the body’s ability to perform various functions. But, before making any major changes in your diet, do make sure to see your dietician in order to get the right consultation regarding the foods that can help you or harm you.

Shahnaz skin care

Importance Of Exercising

Exercising is another very important thing that we all must make a part of our routines. The movement of muscles and physical strain laid on the body makes that body devoid of oxygen so in order to fulfill the supply of oxygen the body upgrades the oxygenation process and thus provides surplus oxygen to each part that needs it. Further, the more the oxygen, the better is the blood flow, when you exercise and put a particular muscle to work, that area needs more blood and as soon as the blood starts reaching those areas, from the skin to the scalp, the skin automatically becomes better.

Shahnaz skin care

Not only that, but exercise also helps to reduce mental stress, which can trigger off many skin and hair problems. Apart from exercise, sleeping and relaxation are also greatly essential in order to maintain healthy skin. The process of rejuvenation and regeneration and repair of cells and tissues takes place at night therefore it is important for us to take proper rest every day.

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Moisturising The Skin

Another very important part of skincare is moisturizing. The amount of moisture that remains intact in the skin helps in determining the quality and type of the skin, plus, it also sets the rate at which the skin will age. Dry skin lacks moisture and that is why it is more vulnerable to cracking and ageing early.

Nowadays you can find moisturisers in both liquid and creamy forms. During the dry season such as the winter season, it is advisable for people with normal to dry skin, to use a creamy and thick moisturizer, that can be applied after cleansing and toning the skin.

Oily skins hold moisture better than normal or dry skins. But, oily skins can also be short of moisture during the dry winter season. That is why, people with oily skin should not apply very thick and creamy moisturizers as they can lead to the clogging of pores and cause acne, pimple, and dirt to accumulate on the skin, instead they should use a liquid moisturizer that is easy to apply and is light-textured.

Some Other Tips

  • For oily skin, mix well together 100 ml rosewater with one teaspoon pure glycerin. Keep in an airtight bottle to moisturize oily and combination skins.
  • Aloe vera gel can also be applied to the skin to moisturize it and can also be added to face packs.
  • External skin-care can work wonders. A woman who has been on a daily skin-care routine and follows a healthy lifestyle copes better with aging changes that occur on the skin. Investing in weekly facials and salon treatments for ageing is also beneficial.

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