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Birthday Special: Raveena Tondon Seems To Be Ageing Backwards, Here Are Her Secrets

Birthday girl Raveena Tondon totally ruled the 90s era. Till date, she hasn’t lost the glowing charm on her face. Want to know her secrets? Read on.
Published -25 Oct 2018, 12:34 ISTUpdated -26 Oct 2021, 12:42 IST
raveena tandon bollywood actress beauty secret

Birthday girl Raveen Tandon is one actress who has a flawless, naturally glowing skin. We all envy that and wonder what is the secret behind her beautiful skin! Till date, she hasn’t lost the glowing charm on her face. Do you know Raveena Tandon trusts gharelu nuske and not those expensive beauty treatments? Read on to know her beauty secrets.

‘Gharelu Nuskhe’

raveena tandon beauty secrets

Wondering what is her secret? In a media conversation, Raveena shared her beauty secret. She said, “I believe in all things natural. Every Wednesday on my networking sites, I have started this thing called ‘Beauty Talkies with Ravz’ in which I give people ‘Gharelu nuskhe’ which have been going on in our country for centuries. But we in India are like until the west doesn’t recognize anything, we don’t appreciate what we have. The same thing happened with Yog! When the West started recognizing the Yoga, we also started believing that Yes, yoga is the best.” She added, “Our country holds such natural and beautiful secrets which have been passed on through the years.

raveena tandon beauty secrets revealed

There are so many ‘nuskas’ that my grandmother used to give me when I was a kid and I still follow them. I believe that in today’s world we are living in such a toxic, chemical and polluted world that it is so necessary to try and go back to our organic roots. So that’s what I honestly try and also you must give 40 minutes to yourself every day. It is a must.”

Eating The Right Stuff

raveena beauty secrets

Raveena believes that whatever we eat shows out on our skin. She says that the secret to her beautiful skin is eating the right food. She fuels her body with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetable juices. She avoids greasy and fatty foods as much as she can. One advice that she gives to all is drinking nariyal pani or coconut water

Keeping It Minimal

Being a celebrity, Raveena has to get a lot of makeup done while shooting but that’s the only time when she uses makeup. She believes that one must let their skin breathe and not always use makeup. She shared that she uses minimum make-up. Raveena also shared that there are days when she doesn’t even use a base or a blush and just lets her skin breathe. For her hair, she doesn’t rely on hair products available in the market. She likes applying curd to her hair which conditions it beautifully. 

raveena tandon beauty secrets shared

Also, actress Raveena Tandon believes that sleep is an important part of her beauty regime. She sleeps for five hours and keeps taking power naps between the day. 

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A lot of her fans are crazy about her beauty and keep asking about her beauty secrets. For all these fans, Raveena has started her own beauty vlog called ‘Beauty Talkies With Ravz’. In these videos, she shares her beauty secrets. On the movie front, she was last seen in the movie Maatr and Shab last year. 

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