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    Quick & Easy 5-Step Everyday Glam Makeup Routine

    Want to get your everyday glam in a jiffy? We’ve got just the thing you need. Here’s a quick and easy 5-step glam routine that will make you go from drab to fab in no time and make heads turn.
    Updated at - 2023-01-27,13:28 IST

    We can go for the cut-crease eyeshadow, a super-sculpted contour, and some bold red lipstick at a particular time and place. It could be a big glam red carpet or at a big fat Indian wedding. But for the rest of us who love a full face of makeup but also want something subtle and toned down every now and then. We’d like to introduce you to the subtler stepsister of full-glam makeup – an everyday glam look done in quick and easy five steps. This remains glam at its very core but it's done in a way that feels lighter and is done in no time. Think full-face glam with the bass turned down a notch.

    Here’s a quick and easy five step makeup routine that’ll give you all the glam on an everyday basis with the tiniest amount of makeup and time.

    Let Your Skin Shine Through Ft. The Magical Concealerconcealer

    A concealer is a girl's best friend. Trust us, it truly is a BFF and much more. Go on and pick a formula and colour that matches your skin and watch it work like magic on your dark spots, blemishes and what not.

    Frame Your Face With A Brow Productbrows

    Brows do all the magic and frame your face like va va voom. Use a hassle free brow pencil, a bold pomade or a quick and easy brow mascara to achieve the fluffy and feathery brow look to die for.

    Bring Life Back To Your Face Ft. A Blushblu

    Does your face look like its lost life and colour. Don’t worry, just add a quick flush of colour right back to it with a rouge in the exact colour of your natural blush. Use a blush stick, a lip and cheek tint, or a regular powder blush. Go ahead and take your pick.

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    Add An Instant Pop Of Colour Ft. MLBB or Bright Liplip

    Make your lips pop or go the subtle way, however you’d like. Do this by adding a poppy coral, red, peach, pink or orange. On the other hand, you could also go for an OG MLBB lip look.

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    Let Your Eyes Do The Talking Ft. A Mascaramas

    Create an illusion of having a million lashes with a quick and easy coat of your fav mascara. This will open up your eyes like crazy and make all the difference even on a dull day or post a night when you haven’t had enough sleep.



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