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    Pick The Right Blush For Your Pretty Cheeks

    Love those perfectly pink and glowing cheeks? We’ve got the right set of products for you to get that look.   
    Updated at - 2023-01-09,14:52 IST

    Are you in love with the pretty blushed look? Or do you love all things glowy and rosy when it comes to cheeks? Either way, blush is your bestest friend forever and we have got just the curation of a handful of blushesyou can take a pick from. 

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    Despite the tens of thousands of new palettes, lipsticks, and other makeup launches we stick to a few trusty makeup of the day options. Hence we are here to help you find your favourite blush for the ever so glowy and pink tinted beautiful cheeks. This will help you find your OG blush without trying a whole bunch. 

    The OG Powder Blushpowder

    Blush adds life back to your face. That rosy hue does all things right for your skin and the glow. Here is a blush that has been in our and all our mothers’ vanity boxes since the end of time. Yes, it is the powder blush. These powder blushes are a magic goodie for our faces as they light them up in no time. Bonus, they are perfect for a quick application and work magic for oily skin too. So bring out all the Nars Orgasm, Benefit Box ‘O Blushes, Charlotte Tilbury and more.

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    The Stick Blushstick blush

    Stick Blushes are actually a quick lip and cheek product that can be used as colour all over the face. These gems work their wonder by instantly brightening us up. The plus is they stay on forever and after. It is truly a more nifty, multi-purpose beauty product that does the job with a little bit of effort. What works really well is that we are not using a bunch of products one on top of the other. The Nudestix blush sticks from Huda Beauty are  the best that the market has to offer to add colour to those cheeks.

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    Lip And Cheek Tinttint

    The lip and cheek tint is yet another  wonder product. It adds all the goodies of blush to your face without the fuss of using a brush or an applicator. Plus the benefit of applying and dabbing it on with your fingers in an easy peasy lemon squeezy way. The Benefit Benetint, Etude House tints, Innisfree, The Face Shop ones and many more are the ones that we recommend and you should pick in a heartbeat.





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