Are you weighing your chances of getting a hair transplant? Worried about what all you have heard about it and the problems it can pose? What if most of them are just a myth and the reality is very different? Yes, there is a bevy of myths busted by Dr. Arika Bansal, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Co-Founder of Eugenix Hair Sciences. So scroll down to know them all and then take a decision.

Myth 1: The Procedure Is Very Painful

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Fact: Before the procedure, a local anesthetic is injected with a very fine needle to numb the area and the pain is of that prick. After that, it is a very comfortable experience and absolutely painless.

Myth 2: The Procedure Leaves Scars

Fact: The FUT procedure done earlier on, left a long horizontal scar on the back of the scalp, but now, with the FUT and DHT techniques, it is a scarless procedure, if done in a proper manner and under experienced hands. If the patient has a tendency of keloids, then small scars may occur, especially if the hair is extracted from the chest.

Myth 3: Can Cause Headaches And Migraine


Fact: This is absolutely false and a very big misconception. Unless the patient was suffering from these before the procedure, there are no such cases reported of constant headaches or migraines in any person who has undergone a hair transplant surgery.

Myth 4: The Transplant Is Temporary

Fact: Transplanted hair require intake of medications for maintaining the volume and density of hair transplant.

Myth 5: The Process Needs To Be Redone Again And Again

Fact: The transplanted hair is your normal hair and will remain intact and will grow throughout life like any other hair if done well and by an experienced surgeon. Yes, if baldness occurs in a different region of the scalp, then a transplant may be necessitated there.

Myth 6: Hair Will Remain Short And Will Not Grow

Fact: Once the hair is grafted, it will grow like your other hair and you will need to have a haircut regularly. It can also be shaved, dyed, coloured, or styled in any way you wish or if needed, can b grown long.

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Myth 7: Can Cause Cancer

Fact: There is absolutely no relation between a hair transplant and Cancer. This procedure does not lead to any health impairment or disease.

Myth 8: One Can Differentiate Between Normal & Transplanted Hair

Fact: An onlooker cannot even make out that you have had a transplant and looks so natural if done well, and the fact is that it is your own hair, so there is no difference from the other hair.

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Myth 9: Hair Will Not Be Dense

Fact: The hair transplanted will definitely be nice and dense and will look normal. Though we cannot match the density that nature gives us, yet it will be good and satisfying.

Myth 10: A Transplant Cannot Be Done On Scar Or Injured Tissue


Fact: If the scar or injured tissue has completely healed and has a good blood supply, there is no reason that it cannot be transplanted upon, as long as you have enough of the donor's hair.

Myth 11: Old People Cannot Have A Hair Transplant

Fact: Age is no bar for a hair transplant, as long as you are not suffering from any pre-existing and uncontrolled health condition and are of sound physical and mental health. Also that you should have sufficient donor hair for the procedure.

Myth 12: The Donor Can Be Anyone

Fact: Wrong. It is only your own hair that can be taken from any part of the body, like, scalp, beard, chest, arms or legs, and also the axillary or pubic region.

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