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Take A Look At These Ingenious Monsoon Makeup Tips

Here are some really effective and efficient monsoon makeup tips that you should try to make your makeup last longer.
Published -03 Jul 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -03 Jul 2021, 16:12 IST
monsoon makeup tips m

Monsoon is the time when even the best of makeup artists have to think twice about the kind of products they are using. Because the hot and humid weather can ruin even the most expensive or luxurious makeup items.  Therefore to protect your skin and look from being ruined, you must understand that your routine must change a bit in order to make sure your makeup stays for a longer period of time. 

Therefore, we thought of telling you some interesting makeup tips that will help you fight the monsoons like a pro.

In Monsoons, Stay Away From Liquid Bases

use powder formulas

The humidity in the atmosphere can turn out to be really troublesome for makeup lovers Because that can wash out the toughest of liquid bases. Liquid bases usually start falling apart when a lot of sweat or moisture gets on the face and therefore, to avoid this happening, you must make sure to use really dry and powdery formulas.  Use more of compact powder and layer it after your primer and foundation to lock in the matte texture. Then go ahead with other procedures, also make sure that you keep your compact along with your handy makeup to touch up your face whenever needed.

Go For Waterproof Liner

monsoon makeup  mascara

There is absolutely no other alternative to and attaining the perfect eyeliner look. Waterproof eyeliner is just what you need. The moisture caused due to sweating may spoil your eye makeup and therefore it must not be done.  The waterproof liner stays for a very long time, retaining its perfect shape, along with that it is easier in terms of applying as they glide.

Try Cream Blush

There is a mixed opinion in the market as to what kind of blushes work better? Cream or powder? The thing is that powder blushes give the face a dry and unflattering look. Whereas the cream blush, applied after moisturising the face and touching it up with compact powder, stays on for a decent amount of time, plus, it also provides a very natural glow to your face.

Avoid Matte Lips

go for glossy lips

You might have seen how matte, even waterproof lipsticks start chipping off when they come in contact with water. Thus, you should avoid wearing matte lipsticks, but you can definitely go for applying creamy lip shades, crayons or a natural lip balm. These don’t generally get off with water and are perfectly suitable for monsoons.

Primer And Makeup Fixer

It is very crucial to go for a good quality primer and makeup fixer. Primer helps in binding the makeup base and after you are done with your entire look, then you just spray the fixer over your face and let it dry for 5 minutes. This will, to a great extent protect the makeup from being ruined by the rain.

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Go Minimal In Monsoons

Well, it is definitely not something that everyone likes, but you will have to understand that going as minimal as possible is the best way to keep your spirits high and makeup impeccable.  Do not opt for a very heavy or cakey makeup look in monsoon as that might make you sweat more.  Apart from that, you will feel free with a light makeup look that will make you sweat lesser. So, remember these tips and rock this season.

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Has your makeup ever been ruined due to humidity? Share your experiences and do reach out to us with your tips and queries and stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.

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