What is the most convenient way of removing your makeup? Using a makeup removing wipe. These makeup wipes are your best friend when running late for an event, feeling too sleepy after a party, or travelling. A makeup wipe can remove all those layers on your face in a jiffy but is it safe?

No! Makeup removing wipes have been a part of our skincare routine for a long time now. All these years, we didn't realise how these wipes have been harming our skin and the environment. Read on to know why you should stop using makeup removing wipes. 

Strip Off Skin's Natural Oils

Makeup wipes are packed with harmful and harsh chemicals that affect the pH balance of the skin and its acid mantle. The acid mantle is a layer that acts as protection for our skin and prevents dust, dirt, and impurities to get into the skin. This layer also seals in the moisture and natural oils of the skin. Using makeup wipes regularly removes this layer and makes your skin dry. It clears all the natural oils of your skin which makes your skin appear dehydrated and dull. 

Don't Really Cleanse Your Skin

makeup wipe disadvantages

How does your face look like after you use a makeup wipe? Clean? Well, that's not really the case. Makeup removing wipes break down the layers of makeup on your skin and your face may look clear but it is not actually clean. You usually leave a lot of residue on your skin which leads to damage in the long run. 

Not Safe For Removing Eye Makeup

Makeup wipes are packed with harsh chemicals that may damage your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. It can make your skin feel dry, red, or irritated. These wipes are not at all safe for the eye area as the skin tissues here are even more sensitive. 

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Make Skincare Products Less Effective

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A lot of us use skincare products after removing our makeup. However, if our makeup isn't properly removed and our skin isn't clean then using any skincare products like a moisturiser or scrub is an absolute waste. 

Dry Out Skin

Using a makeup removing wipe everyday makes your skin dry and harsh. A lot of women suffer from skin issues like dryness and irritation after using a wipe. This is because of the chemicals which are used to keep these makeup wipes moist for longer.

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Harmful For The Environment

Many makeup cleansing wipes available in the market aren't biodegradable which makes them a harmful product for our environment. We are at a stage where we need to reduce the amount of our waste. It can take so many years for a makeup wipe to get decomposed. 

There are many other ways you can cleanse your makeup. Double cleansing is an easy way. First, wash your face with an oil-based cleanser to remove the hard layers of makeup. Follow with a regular cleanser to wash off the residue. 

If you have sensitive skin then using organic coconut oil can be a good option. On a cotton ball, take some coconut oil and wipe off your makeup gently. If you feel oily on your face, you can wash off with a mild cleanser.

We hope you stop using makeup removing wipes now that you know all its disadvantages. For more stories around beauty, stay tuned!