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Lipstick Vs Lip Crayon: Which One Is Better? Know The Difference, Pros & Cons

Confused between lip crayons and lipsticks? Here is everything you need to know.
Published -03 Aug 2021, 17:01 ISTUpdated -03 Aug 2021, 17:56 IST
lipstick vs lip crayons main

In the makeup industry today there are so many products coming out that it gets confusing. The same is the concept of lip liners, lipsticks, and lip crayons. But the difference between lip crayons and lipsticks could be debatable for many but there are a few shining points that may help you decide. So here is a pros and cons list of the two to make your life simpler. 


Your regular lipstick may not be as hydrating as lip crayons are. Lip crayons are packed with moisturising ingredients and they help in amplifying those thin lips you complain about. They have coconut oil or kendi oil which smoothen the pout and keep the lips moisturised. The colour does not even seep into the cracks so worry not. 


lipstick lip crayon

Lip crayons are smoother in the application. The lipstick might be creamy to apply but that is there in very few brands. Smooth application is like the forte of crayons. The ingredients are very nourishing as they mostly have shea butter and jojoba oil. Many may not know this but some of your lip crayons are designed as anti-ageing powerhouses which work on the fine lines. 


One reason why I personally started investing in lip crayons for sure! These babies line your lips and then you can easily fill them in. They save time and help avoid the faux pas you fear. You carry fewer products in your makeup bag this way as one lip crayon solves the purpose of liner and stick. 

Lip Stains


If you invest in a good crayon, then you will be amazed or well realise that you have a good lip stain as well. What scares us lip colour lovers is when we are done eating our food and the lipstick has vanished. Unlike most lipsticks, lip crayons leave a mild stain which gives the lips a tint. Your lips look good and you do not have to reapply for those pictures you plan on taking with your folks. 

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lip crayon

Lipsticks are an addiction indeed but so are lip crayons and this fact about the latter takes the cake. A lipstick cannot be layered as much as compared to using a lip crayon. Crayons work well as a base for your lip glosses and lipsticks as well. Like double protection. This is perfect for the staying power indeed. The base can be played around with. Let the lip crayon dry up and apply some other shade of lipstick on top. When it fades and the stain stays, it looks really cool. 

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So what is your take? Lip crayon or lipstick? 

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