This businesswoman, the Ambani daughter, Isha Ambani is never dressed over the top. Amid her wedding functions, she looked classy and her makeup as well was not so loud as you would expect from a typical bride. When she is at work or at parties or family togethers, we have always noticed that minimalism is her way to be. Her lipstick stash as well is pretty basic but they go with all outfits and ensembles be it any occasion. Instead of dolling out large sums of money on random lip shades, all brides should take inspiration from Isha's lip shade collection which can never go wrong and covers all personalities as well.

Frosted Pink

frosted pink

If you are a wheatish complexion like Isha, then a frosted pink lip shade would look perfect when you want it to be nude yet showing. This pastel frosted pink lip colour goes with any outfit in case you cannot find the exact shade as your ensemble. Always keep one in your bag so that you never panic and can easily touch up. It also works well as a blush if you need to put on some rouge at a function. Just take a little on your index finger but make sure your hands are clean, and then dab on both cheeks. Smudge with your thumb and that natural flush is right there.

Nude Brown


This is a typical nude lipstick which comes in handy when all else fails to fit your look or the occasion. Isha has applied a nude brown lip shade which is nearer to her skin tone and she has given it a finishing touch using a clear lip gloss. If you like lip glosses then this would look perfect on you.

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Magenta Forever


No matter what your complexion is, a magenta shade in your vanity is a must have especially for brides. It lights up every face, adds a glamour quotient in every photograph and in case you are just in simple jeans and a dull top, this lip shade brings life to your look, adding that much-needed vibrancy. You can invest in a liquid lipstick or a matte shade, whatever rocks your boat the best.

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Vixen Red

red maroon

I am a red shade card girl myself and have indeed realised that the right hue of red can make you look very strong and adds to your personality. However, it is very important that you choose the right shade. Isha here has opted for a vermillion or vixen red hue with undertones of purple. Her eyebrows are well done and neat with a lot of kohl on her almond-shaped eyes. You have to make sure you have the right red shade so test out which one brings out your personality and invest in a long-lasting tube as reds smear away the fastest. Make sure you prep your lips well so the colour runs smoothly over your lips.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you have these shades and buy new ones if need be.

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