She is a strong contestant at Bogg Boss 14 and so is her fashion game. She dresses up well with everything in place but what I dig the most is her lipstick shade collection. Rubina Dilaik who may just win the trophy this Sunday does not shy away from any shade as such. If you are into colours and a true blue fan of this actress then make sure you have these shades as well in your vanity and flaunt them with confidence like her.


rubina brick orange

Not everyone likes this shade but it is a beautiful one. It is not very orange and neither brown, it is more like a rust which goes with many monochrome outfits, Like here, Rubina is wearing dark blue so to elevate her look, a spot of this lip shade has definitely pumped up her look. You can go easy on the eye makeup if you want but a simple eyeliner is fine. 

Brick Red

rubina red brick

This is a shade every woman must have as it matches most complexions. From a fair beauty to a dusky gorgeous, this shade is a power colour which exudes confidence. Some women do run away from bold shades like this one especially when they think that their character is very mellow, but for a change this lovely crimson hue is perfect! Wear it with a plain dress, suit or saree or simply with a white t-shirt and blue jeans and see how different it makes you look.

Plumming It

rubina plum

This is that vixen plum lip shade which is bolder than red but has the limitation of not matching all outfits and moods. If you want to make a statement then this shade is it! You could also wear something mellow and match your lip shade and footwear. This shade as well matches all complexions as long as the confidence is intact.

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Magenta Red

rubina vermillion

This shade looks crimson but has more of a magenta undertone. The red hue lovers will totally dig this shade and it is simply bright so it can be worn with any kind of outfit which you feel needs a pick me up. 

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Forever Nude

rubina nude

Nude lip shades are a must have and every complexion has its own nude lip shade just like a foundation. Some like it darker, some have yellow undertones in their complexion so they prefer warmer nude lip shades, the market is flooded with nude lip shades today in different forms, be it liquid or matt or creamy. Every girl must have a shade which she can apply when she cannot think of any other. These lipsticks come in handy especially when you want to go heavy with your eye makeup. A nude lip shade balances your look and you do not even feel that something is a miss. 

Which lip shade is your favourite? What is your take on Rubina's looks?

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