There is an endless variety of lipsticks in the market and it is so much fun experimenting with them. Lip crayons entered the beauty market some time back and are creating a lot of buzz. 

If you are still new to this formula then let's tell you that lip crayons are literally a game-changer in the lipstick world. They are just the perfect combination of a lip liner, lipstick, and lip balm. 3-in-one!

Haven't yet tried using a lip crayon? Here are a few reasons you should. Read on. 

1. Lip Crayons Are Long Lasting

As compared to other lipstick formulas, lip crayons stay for much longer. As shared earlier, lip crayons are a combination of a lip liner, lipstick, and lip balm. They are highly pigmented. Even after having a heavy meal with the lip crayon on, you will have a stain on your lips. So, basically, the colour might fade a little but it won't just vanish. 

2. Lip Crayons Aren't Drying

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Lip crayons are way smoother than regular lipsticks, especially matte formulas. They usually come with moisturising ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter that promise to keep your lips smooth and soft all day long. Even if you re-apply a lip crayon, you won't feel that dryness on your lips. 

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3. Lip Crayons Can Be Used Without A Sharpener

When you have a lip crayon in your makeup kit you don't really have to worry about sharpening the tip again and again. The application is precise. Just twist the crayon and use it. It is that easy!

4. Lip Crayons Are Easier To Use

You can get that perfect pout in a jiffy with a lip crayon. There is no need to carry your lip liner and lip balm separately if you own a lip crayon. With the tip of the crayon, you can quickly line your lips and then fill in. The formula is so soft that you don't need to layer a lip balm over it. 

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5. Lip Crayons Are Inexpensive

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As compared to regular lipsticks or tints, lip crayons are way cheaper. You can get a good quality lip crayon for as less than Rs. 250. The best part is that they also last longer than usual lipsticks. Just a little dab of the product goes a long way.

6. Lip Crayons Can Be Used For Layering

If you want to get a rich colour on your lips, you can apply a lip crayon under your lipstick or lip gloss. Lip crayons are highly pigmented and have a good staying power too. If you use them for layering, they can give you a really nice colour that lasts for a good time. 

7. Lip Crayons Can Be Used As Cheek Tints

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Lip crayons are so soft and blendable. They can make a good cheek tint too. If you are out of your blush palette then you can use a lip crayon to get those flushed cheeks. Just dab some directly on the apple of your cheeks and blend with your fingers or with a beauty sponge. 

Lip crayons are mostly available in a creamy matte formula. If you like to keep it glossy, you can layer it with some clear gloss. 

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