There is no dearth of hair treatments these days. So many of us keep looking for treatments that can help us transform our hair and give us a fresh new look. 

One of the most talked-about hair treatments these days is Keratin. For those who don't know, keratin is a protein that helps strengthen the hair and prevents breakage. 

When you head to a salon for the keratin treatment, a solution is used on your hair which claims to make your hair smooth and silky. A majority of women with frizzy and dull hair are opting for the treatment these days as they believe it would help them straighten their hair and turn their tresses glossy. 

Well, it might really look like a keratin treatment can actually transform your hair game but does it work for real? Just like any other hair treatment, this one too has its own side effects. Read on to know. 

1. Use Of Formaldehyde 

As shared earlier, the treatment involves the use of a solution. This solution is prepared using formaldehyde which is believed to be an ingredient that can damage your hair. 

The solution is believed to be harmful not just for the hair but for your overall health too. According to a study, it is quite dangerous to use the chemical in an enclosed space like a salon as it can have side effects like a sore throat or scratchy eyes. 

2. Temporary Treatment 

temporary treatment keratin

Sadly, your keratin treatment would not last all your life. It is a semi-permanent treatment that straightens your hair. With time, the straightening and shine go away and get back to their original texture and shape. 

3. Harmful Chemicals Internally Damage Hair

Just like any other hair treatment, this one too involves the use of a lot of chemicals that can damage your hair in the long run. Initially, you may see a complete transformation but with time you would start to see its side effects. 

Your hair might feel a lot weaker than they actually were because those chemicals start to damage the roots of your hair and weaken them.

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4. Frizzy Hair In The Long Run

frizzy hair keratin

Chemicals are a key part of the keratin treatment and that's where you harm your beautiful tresses. When your hair is treated with all these chemicals, they lose their natural oils and moisture. 

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With time when the side effects start to show on your hair, you feel your tresses getting a lot more frizzy and dry.

5. Expensive And Time-Consuming Treatment

keratin disadvantages

Keratin treatment is quite expensive. Though the price completely depends on your hair length, it should cost somewhere around Rs. 4000 to 10000. The treatment is claimed to last for about 4-6 months but it clearly depends on how you are taking care of your hair all that while. 

The treatment is not just expensive but a time-consuming process too. It usually takes around 3-6 hours for the process to complete. 

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not undergo keratin treatment as per experts. 

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