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    HZ Tried & Tested: Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water Detailed Review

    Here is my experience of using Kama Ayurveda's pure rose water.
    Updated at - 2019-07-04,15:50 IST
    kama pure water review

    I just can't do without rose water in this sweltering summer season. A quick rose water spray makes me feel fresh and cool. I have tried a lot of rose water sprays in the past and this time I gave Kama Ayurveda's rose water a try. So, I ordered a small bottle of rose water from Kama Ayurveda online and here is my experience.


    kama ayurveda rose water review

    • 100% Natural 

    • Natural Astringent 

    • Balances skin PH 

    • Tightens pores and reduces oiliness 

    • Lightly hydrates


    kama ayurveda

    Dark brown translucent plastic spray bottle with a spray and a transparent cap. Simple packing, travel-friendly. 


    INR 275 for 50 ML

    INR 1050 for 200 ML


    Smells like any other rose water, not much difference. 

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    My Experience 

    kama ayurveda review

    I ordered a 50 ml bottle which I carry in my bag all the time. Kama Ayurveda rose water refreshes my skin in a jiffy. I just feel that this one leaves my skin hydrated and soft. As compared to other rose waters available in the market, this one feels better on my skin, my skin feels smooth. 


    • Travel-friendly bottle
    • Leaves skin soft 
    • Nice fragrance


    • Expensive

    My Verdict

    I am not sure if I will buy another bottle of this product. Really expensive for the quantity the brand is offering. I may try rosewater from some other brand.

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