I just can't do without a rose water spray. I always have it handy to refresh me through the long day. Recently, I got my hands on this Bulgarian Rose Water mist by Juicy Chemistry. Did it work for me? Is it worth investing in? Know it all in my detailed review below. 


bulgarian rose water by juicy chemistry

Polyphenols - found in damask rose, polyphenols protect skin against sun damage, promote even skin tone, and soothe inflammations.

Natural astringent and soothing - rosewater naturally helps improve skin’s texture and soothe inflamed or irritated skin. It also supports cell regeneration and hydrates the skin.

Flavonoids - like anthocyanins, helps promote even and healthier skin tone.


Damask rose hydrosol - a natural astringent and soothing ingredient rose water promotes smoother and firmer skin. Rich in polyphenols it also exhibits antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It also contains vitamin C, terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids, and anthocyanins.


juicy chemistry bottle rose water

This toning mist comes in a blue glass bottle with a spray and a transparent cap. 


The texture of this mist is quite light. The fragrance is very soothing and natural.


juicy chemistry rose water price

  • INR 350 For 50 ML
  • INR 650 For 110 ML

My Experience

Rose water is a staple in my beauty bag and I use it in multiple ways. Right from toning my face after cleansing to removing my makeup, rose water does it all for me. Honestly, rose water has been a saviour for me during this whole pandemic, work-from-home situation because it is quite tiring and I want something to freshen me up through the day after hours of gazing at my laptop. I have been using this rose water from Juicy Chemistry for a while now. I spritz it all over my face a few times a day to feel refreshed. Also, it is a great idea to have one in your bag handy all the time if you are always on the go.

juicy chemistry rose water detailed review

I like the fact that it has a very natural, light fragrance. I have used packed rose water bottles in the past that came with very heavy fragrances. If you aren't a fan of heavy fragrances, this one can be a good pick for you.

Also, I love the packaging. This rose water came in a glass, blue coloured bottle with a transparent cap. The spray makes it quite easy to use. The only thing to worry about here is that the glass bottle might not be very travel-friendly. If you take it along while travelling, you need to be really careful about this one.

Overall, I feel I don't regret investing in this Bulgarian Rose Water mist. It is affordable, natural, and works well for my sensitive skin.

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  • 100% organic
  • Instant freshness
  • Works for my skin type (normal to oily)
  • Soothes my skin after exposure to the sun
  • Light fragrance 
  • Works as a makeup remover


Comes in a glass bottle, needs to be carried very carefully while travelling

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Rose water mists are available in a variety and you might find it tricky to find the perfect one. However, I have tried and tested this one and approve of it. 

I am honestly impressed with this toning mist. It instantly refreshes my skin and leaves me a beautiful glow. It is quite affordable so you can definitely give this one a try if hunting for a natural rose water mist. Value for money! 



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