Have you tried all sorts of creams and home remedies to get rid of wrinkles? If nothing seems to be working, try this Japanese Asahi massage is the solution to your wrinkle problem. Though no one can reverse aging, with little care, one can slow down the age clock. Targeting all the right lymph nodes, this massage relieves swelling and slows down the aging of your facial skin. So, ditch every other method, creams, and lotion and start following these steps.

A Few Things To Remember

  • This massage is contraindicated if you have lymphatic system disorders, rashes, cold, flu or damaged skin.
  • Before starting it, wash your face and hands with an antiseptic.

Basic Movements

basic movement

  • Press the fingers of both hands to the areas just below your temples. Now slowly move closer to the upper rims of the ears.  By applying slight pressure, slide your fingers down, all the way to the clavicles. By doing this, you caused an outflow of lymphatic liquid. Do this three times at the start of your session. You should also do it at the end of each separate movement.

Focus On The Eyes

focus on the eyes

  • This movement is about the wrinkled area around your eyes. By using your middle fingers, press the outer corners of your eyes. Now gently apply the pressure, and slide your fingers along the lower eyelids toward the inner corners of the eyes.
  • After a brief pause, move your fingers upwards and return to the outer corner of the eyes. Repeat this 3 times.


forhead massage

  • Press the center of your forehead by using your index, middle and ring finger. Now slide your fingers in the opposite direction in a zigzag movement.

The Area Around Your Lips

  • At this stage, you need to repeat each step thrice and then finish off with the basic movements.
  • Press 3 fingers to the center of the chin and move them in a semicircle towards the upper lip.
  • Press the pads of your middle fingers to the wings of the nose and move the fingers in semicircles to the nasal arch, back and forth.
  • Now slide your fingers from the nasal arch to the cheeks and back.

Nasolabial Furrows

  • Press your chin using 3 fingers, slide your hands to the inner corners of the eyes, while avoiding the lips.
  • Move your fingers from the inner corners of the eyes toward the temples.

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Oval Of The Face

  • Use your left palm, to press the left side of the jaw.
  • Move your right hand from the right outer edge of the jaw to a point just below the inner corner of the eye.
  • Move your fingers from the outer corner of the eye to the temple. Now do the same thing with your left hand, by placing the right palm on the right cheek.


cheeks massage

  • Place your hands at the side of the nose, and apply pressure using 3 fingers only. Now slide your fingers along the cheekbones in the direction of the temples.
  • Put your wrists together, keeping the palms apart.
  • Press the pads of your palms to your chin and lips, raising your cheeks.
  • Slide the pads of your palms along the cheekbones, toward the ears.


chin massage

  • Again put your wrists together, keeping the palms apart.
  • Tilting your head slightly forward, press the pads of your hands against your chin.
  • Slide the pads of your palms along the lower jaw, toward the ear lobes.

The A-zone

  • Put your thumbs under your chin. The rest of your right and left hands fingers should meet at the nose, forming a triangle.
  • Leaving the thumbs in place, move the rest of your fingers from the nose to the temples, slightly pulling the skin sideways.

For best results, repeat every above-mentioned step 3-4 times. If done correctly, and on a regular basis, the Asahi massage will bring amazing results in no time. There are some natural remedies are also there to get rid of wrinkles, stay tuned to HerZindagi to know more.