We have witnessed a lot of debate about using lukewarm and normal water for skin and hair. We somehow relate relaxing and lukewarm water spa but it’s not always beneficial for your skin and hair. Instead of bathing with lukewarm water, normal water can get you clean and relaxed as well, it’s a pure delight to your skin and hairs. There are a lot of benefits to your body for using normal water as it helps blood circulation to flow better. Normal water can help you relieve through several problems like depression and stress. Puniti Chaudhary, Director and Beauty Expert at 7 Shades by Puniti Unisex Salon, Faridabad, shared with HerZindagi, the effects of normal water and lukewarm water on the skin and hair.

Lukewarm & Normal Water On Skin

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Warm water opens up the pores of your skin and makes it easy for dust, oil and dirt to get in. Apart from this it also stops the body to release oils to maintain the natural look. So you are more likely to attract these pollutants after washing yourself with lukewarm water.

Normal water gives out more glowing and beautiful skin as compared to warm water. Wrinkles are controlled to a certain extent as it slows down the ageing process.

Even the sun rays can’t get inside the body as normal water tightens and protects the skin pores, unlike warm water which makes the skin more vulnerable.

You have often felt itching and rough skin after bathing with lukewarm water as it dries out skin and hair whereas normal water keeps the skin hydrated and fresh.

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Normal water narrows the blood vessels thus minimizes swelling and dark circles below eyes.

Lukewarm & Normal Water On Hair

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The similar benefits are for your hair, they make them go shiny and healthy whereas warm water makes them look frizzy.

Warm water opens up the scalp pores which make way for dirt to easily get in whereas normal water protects the scalp. Experience the softness yourself after bathing for a week with normal water.

If you highlight your hair than opting for normal water is more necessary for you as it helps the colours to lock in to your hair however, warm water does the opposite to them and you need to get frequent touch-ups.

Lukewarm water takes away the essential oils and moisture from your hair whenever you wash them and makes them look dry by leaving the scalp dehydrated. While the scalp is kept hydrated with normal water as it seals the moisture in the hair.

Ultimately normal water helps the hair to stay for long as it controls hair loss up to a great extent.

Extreme cold water therapy is used for muscle relaxing that can be done once in 15 days

Apart from these facts normal water usage keeps you energetic and proactive throughout the day. As it helps the blood flow and improve mental health. So it is advised that you should wash your skin and hair with lukewarm water as it opens up the pores to cleanse them easily. But at the end, splash normal water over yourself to close those opened up pores to keep them intact and less exposed to pollution.

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