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    Hygral Fatigue: Meaning, Signs, Causes And How To Avoid It

    Hygral fatigue is the process of repeated swelling and unswelling of hair cuticles.
    Updated at - 2021-12-28,14:04 IST
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    Hygral fatigue is the process of repeated swelling and unswelling of the hair cuticle . This is due to the excessive moisture entering and exiting the hair cuticle. The hair cuticle isn’t actually designed to change its form, so it will weaken over time which leads to breakage. This condition is irreversible.

    Signs Of Hygral Fatigue

    sign hygral fatigue

    Tangles And Breakage

    There can be several reasons for tangles and breakage in hair and it is not not an uncommon occurrence. However, if it is the case without any reason, then it is a sign of hygral fatigue.

    Trusted Products Don’t Work

    Every hair type is different, thus their needs are also different which means every person uses a different kind of product that they trust. However, when these trusted products also don’t seem to work, then it is a sign of hygral fatigue.

    Excessive Shedding And Frizz

    Excessive shedding of hair as well as frizzy hair is another sign of hygral fatigue.

    Dull, Limp And Gummy Hair When Wet

    If your hair seems to be dry, limp and gummy when they are wet, then you know what this means.

    Dry Hair

    If your hair doesn't retain moisture and feels dry, then it is a sign of hygral fatigue.

    Curls Don’t Hold Shape

    When your curls don’t hold their natural and beautiful shape, then it can be due to hygral fatigue.

    Elasticity Test

    Take an inch of your hair, if it stretches less than normal when it’s wet and after you pull it back if it doesn’t return to its normal state, then you might be experiencing hygral fatigue.

    Weak Hair

    Weak hair that keep looking weighed down and straightened out. 

    Causes Of Hygral Fatigue

    causes hygral fatigue

    Wetting Your Hair Daily

    A cause of hygral fatigue can be wetting your hair daily.

    Not Using A Hair Oil/Serum

    If you don’t use hair oil or a serum on your hair that is quite important for the nourishment of your hair, then it might be a cause for hygral fatigue.

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    Heat/Colour/Bleach Damaged Hair

    Excessive usage of products on your hair is never a good idea and heat, colour and bleach is always a bad idea, especially for damaged hair.

    Over Moisturising

    Continuously using products that are designed to moisture your hair can lead to hygral fatigue.

    Loss Of Ph Balance

    Maintaining the Ph balance of your hair is quite important However, if there is an imbalance, then it can result in hygral fatigue.


    Another cause of hygral fatigue is genetics. You can’t really do anything about it. You just have to take care of your hair.

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    How To Avoid Hygral Fatigue?

    avoid hygral fatigue

    • The key to avoiding hygral fatigue is proper balance between protein and moisture.
    • Do not leave the deep conditioner on for longer than recommended and do not use it more often than recommended. Do not over deep condition.
    • Limit the amount of time your hair is soaked in water.
    • Avoid constant rewetting of hair without letting it completely dry.
    • Pre-poo your hair with rice oils such as avocado oil, olive oil, etc. This allows moisture to penetrate your hair shaft without making hair strands dry and brittle as well as seals the cuticle.
    • You should create a hair regimen that alternates between moisture and protein based products throughout the month.
    • Avoid using only moisturising or protein-free products as it does not provide any strengthening to your hair. Instead, it will eventually lead to breakage. 
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