The beauty industry is witnessing a remarkable change in these times. The attention of beauty patrons is now shifting towards natural ingredients and how to use them for the betterment of your skin. As a matter of fact, a lot of people give out tips on social media to make face masks on your own at home and those videos become very popular too. But recently, a new viral trend on Instagram is to apply masks made by using the face mask maker kit.

A mask maker is a machine that uses fruit pulp or natural ingredients to make a smooth sheet face mask. If you too are fascinated by that amazingly fresh mask straight out of the machine. Then here’s a complete guide to using these face mask maker machines.

Basic Items Required To Make 

face mask maker

The most basic items you need for the face mask maker machine are:

  • Vegetable/Fruit Juice
  • Collagen Booster Tablets
  • Distilled Water

The Kit Comes With

face mask maker

  • One Time Collagen Tablets Pack
  • A Mask Maker Machine
  • Mask Mould
  • User Manual

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How To Use The Face Mask Maker

face mask maker

So, start by placing the face maks maker and the mould aligned. The face mask machine has a hole at the bottom through which the mask flows out to be laid over the mould.

  • So place a tray at the table, keep the mask machine and keep the mould in alignment with the hole.
  • Then read the manual that comes with the mask maker and press the start button, one the light turns green, it is perhaps ready to make the mask. 
  • Once that is done take 60 ml of distilled water and remove the lid of the machine and pour the water inside.
  • Then add the fruit/vegetable juice about 30 ml to the machine with a beaker. Now add the collagen tablet, you should ideally add one tablet in a mask.
  • Then press the start button again to start the machine and once the complete process is done. Shut the lid of the mask maker and leave it for 2-3 minutes till the whirring continues. 
  • Then the mask will come out on its own and fill the mould. Tilt the mould to cover the entire area of the mould and then place it inside the fridge in case you want a  warm mask just let this mask set in at room temperature.
  • Take it off with the help of a spatula and apply it over your face. Let it stay for 15 minutes and then remove it, your face will feel refreshed.

Some Tips To Know While Using The Mask Maker

hard water for skin

  • You should stick to the quantity of ingredients that are mentioned in the user manual of the machine. 
  • If the mask doesn’t fit your face properly, just cut it into two halves and then apply.
  • For better relaxation, lay down on your bed since the mask is heavy and delicate and may fall off easily.
  • In addition to that, it is better to use a cold face mask rather than the warm one. Cool face masks make your skin more hydrated and firm.

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